Reti: Advance variation - Game 89911

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Game result  (chess)

D. Faust, 2010
J. Pech, 2106


See game 142999

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FICGS__CHESS__RAPID_M__000081       See crosstable
(type : rated round-robin,   time : 30 days,   increment : 1 day / move)

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Last move : 1/2-1/2     2016 March 14   1:32:58

[Event "FICGS__CHESS__RAPID_M__000081"]
[Site "FICGS"]
[Date "2015.11.19"]
[Round "1"]
[White "Helmer,Janos"]
[Black "Alban,Alexis"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]
[WhiteElo "2210"]
[BlackElo "2247"]

1.Nf3 d5 2.c4 d4 3.e3 c5 4.exd4 cxd4 5.b4 e5 6.Nxe5 Bd6 7.Nd3 Nf6 8.Be2 Bf5 9.O-O O-O 10.c5 Be7 11.Na3 Nc6 12.Nc2 a5 13.b5 Bxd3 14.Bxd3 Ne5 15.Qe2 Qd5 16.c6 bxc6 17.bxc6 Rfc8 18.Bb2 Bc5 19.Bb5 Re8 20.d3 Bd6 21.Ba4 Neg4 22.Qf3 Bxh2+ 23.Kh1 Qg5 24.c7 Rf8 25.Bc1 Qh5 26.Qh3 Bxc7 27.Qxh5 Nxh5 28.Ba3 Rfb8 29.g3 Bxg3 30.fxg3 Nxg3+ 31.Kg1 Nxf1 32.Rxf1 Rb6 33.Bb3 Ne5 34.Nxd4 a4 35.Bd5 Rd8 36.Nf5 Nxd3 37.Ne7+ Kh8 38.Bxf7 Rd4 39.Be6 Rf4 40.Bh3 Rxf1+ 41.Bxf1 Nb4 42.Bc4 Rf6 43.Bc1 Rd6 44.Be3 Nc6 45.Nxc6 Rxc6 46.Bb5 Rc2 47.Bxa4 Rxa2 48.Bd7 h6 49.Bf5 Ra5 50.Bg6 Ra6 51.Bf7 Kh7 52.Kg2 g6 53.Bd5 h5 54.Bf3 Kg7 55.Kg3 Kf6 56.Bc1 Rb6 57.Be3 Rb8 58.Bd4+ Kf5 59.Bd1 Rb4 60.Bc3 Rc4 61.Bc2+ Kg5 62.Bd2+ Kf6 63.Bd1 Kf5 64.Bb3 h4+ 65.Kh3 Rg4 66.Bc2+ Re4 67.Bd3 1/2-1/2

  ECO code : A09 , the name of the chess opening is displayed below :

Reti : Advance variation

Kingside Castling by player White (move 9)

Kingside Castling by player Black (move 9)

10 pieces endgame at move 45 : White KBBNP , Black KRPPP

WHITE : King + 2 Bishops 1 Knight 1 Pawn
BLACK : King + 1 Rook 3 Pawns

9 pieces endgame at move 45 : White KBBP , Black KRPPP

WHITE : King + 2 Bishops 1 Pawn
BLACK : King + 1 Rook 3 Pawns

8 pieces endgame at move 47 : White KBBP , Black KRPP

WHITE : King + 2 Bishops 1 Pawn
BLACK : King + 1 Rook 2 Pawns

7 pieces endgame at move 47 : White KBB , Black KRPP

WHITE : King + 2 Bishops
BLACK : King + 1 Rook 2 Pawns

This chess game ended in a draw.

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Why must I lose to this idiot ? (Aron Nimzovich)

Der Vorposten provoziert a) eine Basis für neue Angriffe und b) eine Schwächung der gegnerischen Widerstandskraft in der fraglichen Linie. (Aaron Nimzowitsch)

El Ajedrez es parte de la cultura, y si una cultura esta en decadencia, entonces también el Ajedrez declinará. (Mikhail Botvinnik)

Il n'y a plus de joueurs du niveau de Jacob Murray dont la seule quête est le beau jeu, le plaisir de voir les pièces construire quelque chose. Sur 10 idées à la minute, 9 seront sans intérêt, la dernière s'avèrera géniale. (Christian Bauer)

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