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A. Pirogov, 1971
F. Vasquez, 2060


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FICGS__CHESS__CUP_STAGE_1_GROUP_07__000006       See crosstable
(type : rated round-robin,   time : 30 days,   increment : 1 day / move)

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Last move : 1/2-1/2     2024 April 14   21:40:15

[Event "FICGS__CHESS__CUP_STAGE_1_GROUP_07__000006"]
[Site "FICGS"]
[Date "2023.11.17"]
[Round "1"]
[White "Denisov,Timofey"]
[Black "LaDuke,Matt"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]
[WhiteElo "2276"]
[BlackElo "2250"]

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.Nf3 O-O 6.Be2 Na6 7.O-O e5 8.Re1 Bg4 9.Be3 Bxf3 10.Bxf3 exd4 11.Bxd4 c6 12.Qc2 Nc5 13.Rad1 Qa5 14.Be2 Rfe8 15.f3 Rad8 16.g3 h5 17.h4 Ne6 18.Bf2 a6 19.a3 Nd7 20.Qc1 Bxc3 21.bxc3 Ndc5 22.Qb2 Qc7 23.Qc2 Qa5 24.Qb2 Qc7 25.Rd2 Qe7 26.Kg2 a5 27.R2d1 a4 28.Bf1 Nf8 29.Qd2 Kg7 30.Be3 Nb3 31.Qd3 Ne6 32.Qe2 Nec5 33.Bd4+ f6 34.Be3 Nd7 35.Kh2 Nbc5 36.Bh3 Kg8 37.Rd4 Nb3 38.Rd3 Kg7 39.R3d1 Nbc5 40.Bf2 Kf8 41.Rd4 Kg7 42.Kg1 Nb3 43.Rd3 Ne5 44.R3d1 Nd7 45.Kh1 Nbc5 46.Qf1 Ne5 47.Bd4 b6 48.f4 Ng4 49.Bxg4 hxg4 50.e5 dxe5 51.fxe5 f5 52.e6 Kh7 53.Bxc5 bxc5 54.Rxd8 Rxd8 55.Qf4 Re8 56.Re2 Kg7 57.Kg2 Qf6 58.Qc7+ Qe7 59.Qf4 Kg8 60.h5 Qf6 61.Qc7 gxh5 62.Qxc6 Qe7 63.Qd5 Kg7 64.Qxf5 Qf6 65.Qd5 Rf8 66.Kh2 h4 67.Qd7+ Kh6 68.Qd3 Qf1 69.Qe3+ Kh7 70.Rg2 hxg3+ 71.Qxg3 Rf6 72.Qc7+ Kg6 73.e7 Kf7 74.e8Q+ Kxe8 75.Qe5+ Kf7 76.Qd5+ Re6 1/2-1/2

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