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Game result  (chess)

A. Droin, 1885
J. Dyson, 2079


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FICGS__BIG_CHESS__WCH_TOURNAMENT_01__000014       See crosstable
(type : rated round-robin,   time : 30 days,   increment : 1 day / move)

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Last move : 1-0     2022 December 19   23:27:45

[Site "FICGS"]
[Date "2021.07.18"]
[Round "1"]
[White "Legrand,Stephane"]
[Black "Zidu,Jan"]
[Result "1-0"]
[WhiteElo "2302"]
[BlackElo ""]

1.m2-m4 j15-k13 2.p1-o3 h16-o10 3.h2-g4 m15-m13 4.b1-c3 n15-n13 5.e2-e4 l16-p12 6.k1-h2 d15-d13 7.f1-b5 g16-j15 8.j2-k4 c16-l8 9.d2-d4 l8-g4 10.h2-g4 p12-g4 11.h3-g4 o10-f2 12.c1-e3 f2-g3 13.h1-h2 g3-g4 14.n2-n4 e15-e13 15.o1-j6 g4-g14 16.l1-p5 o16-f8 17.g1-j2 f16-b12 18.e3-f4 p16-o14 19.e1-e3 g14-h13 20.e3-h3 h13-j13 21.b5-e2 b16-c14 22.a1-f1 f15-f14 23.h2-g3 h15-g13 24.m1-m3 a16-d16 25.o3-n5 o14-n12 26.m3-o3 o15-o14 27.n5-l6 m16-m14 28.f4-d6 f8-d6 29.g3-d6 e13-e12 30.p5-o4 b12-d14 31.j1-h2 d14-o4 32.o3-o4 d16-d14 33.f1-f7 c14-e15 34.f7-b7 b15-b14 35.p2-p3 k16-h15 36.q1-f1 j13-j11 37.d6-a9 a15-a13 38.b7-p7 n12-p13 39.e4-e5 q16-m16 40.j2-h4 m14-l14 41.m4-m5 l14-l9 42.a9-a12 e16-d16 43.c3-d5 d14-c14 44.h3-c3 c14-c3 45.b2-c3 l9-c9 46.p7-c7 c9-c7 47.d5-c7 j11-c11 48.o4-o7 c11-b12 49.a12-c10 g13-e14 50.c7-b5 b12-a11 51.c10-j10 e14-g13 52.e2-c4 a11-h11 53.j10-j9 h11-j12 54.j9-g7 j15-g14 55.f1-f7 j12-n12 56.f7-c7 c15-c13 57.j6-g8 l15-l14 58.g7-g6 n12-g6 59.h4-g6 j16-j15 60.l6-k8 e15-c14 61.q2-q4 g14-h12 62.g6-h8 c14-b12 63.k8-j10 g13-f11 64.b5-d6 h15-g13 65.d6-e8 h12-j10 66.h8-j10 m13-m12 67.j10-g11 k13-h12 68.e8-f10 m12-m11 69.g11-j10 h12-j10 70.g8-j10 m16-m12 71.k4-l6 d16-m16 72.c7-g7 m12-h12 73.h2-j2 m16-m12 74.f10-d9 m12-o12 75.o7-o12 h12-o12 76.o2-o4 f11-h12 77.j10-k9 n13-n12 78.d9-c11 o12-o10 79.c4-f7 o10-g10 80.g7-g10 h12-g10 81.f7-e8 g10-e11 82.k9-j8 b12-d11 83.d4-d5 g13-f11 84.e8-h5 f11-d10 85.e5-e6 f14-f13 86.c3-c4 d13-d12 87.c11-e10 e11-f9 88.h5-l8 g15-g14 89.l6-k8 k15-k13 90.j8-h7 l14-l13 91.d5-d6 f9-g7 92.l8-j10 d10-e8 93.d6-d7 e8-d6 94.c4-c5 d6-f5 95.g2-g4 f5-h6 96.j2-h3 h6-j8 97.c5-c6 j8-h10 98.c6-c7 g7-f9 99.c7-c8 f9-e11 100.h3-h4 h14-h13 101.h4-g5 j15-h14 102.g5-f6 h14-g13 103.e10-g9 d11-f12 104.e6-e7 j14-j13 105.e7-e8 e11-g10 106.f6-e7 g10-h12 107.j10-e6 l13-l12 108.d7-d8 h12-k11 109.d8-d9 p13-n14 110.l2-l4 k11-j9 111.h7-j6 n14-m12 112.l4-l5 f12-g10 113.l5-l6 g10-h8 114.j6-h5 f13-f12 115.k8-h9 m12-l10 116.h9-f10 g13-f13 117.c8-c9 l10-j11 118.e7-d8 j13-j12 119.k2-k4 n12-n11 120.k4-k5 n11-n10 121.k5-k6 h10-g12 122.f10-g12 j11-g12 123.j3-j4 f12-f11 124.d9-d10 f13-f12 125.k6-k7 g12-h10 126.e6-a10 j9-g10 127.j4-j5 n10-n9 128.a10-g16 g10-h12 129.c2-c4 m11-m10 130.c4-c5 l12-l11 131.g16-c12 k13-k12 132.l6-l7 h8-j10 133.g9-h7 h12-g10 134.l7-l8 g14-g13 135.j5-j6 g13-g12 136.j6-j7 h13-h12 137.g4-g5 e12-e11 138.g5-g6 e11-e10 139.c12-g16 f11-f10 140.g16-k13 g10-j11 141.k13-m11 q15-q14 142.k7-k8 h10-g8 143.j7-j8 g8-j7 144.h5-j4 j7-l8 145.m11-n12 j10-g11 146.c9-c10 j11-g10 147.c5-c6 j12-j11 148.g6-g7 g11-e12 149.d8-c9 h12-h11 150.k8-k9 l8-j9 151.h7-k8 g10-e9 152.k8-m9 f12-g11 153.m9-n11 e9-f11 154.d10-d11 e12-g13 155.n11-o13 f11-g9 156.k9-k10 j11-k10 157.o13-p15 g13-f11 158.p15-n16 f11-h10 159.j4-g6 l11-l10 160.n16-o14 h10-j8 161.o14-m13 k12-k11 162.m13-k14 g11-f12 163.k14-h13 f12-e13 164.h13-g11 j8-g7 165.c9-d8 k10-k9 166.n12-k15 e10-e9 167.d8-d7 j9-g10 168.g6-j4 l10-l9 169.g11-e12 g10-e11 170.e12-f10 e11-c10 171.k15-g12 e13-f12 172.g12-h13 k11-k10 173.h13-l10 k9-k8 174.f10-e12 c10-b12 175.e12-f14 g7-h9 176.f14-d15 b12-d11 177.d15-b14 k8-k7 178.d7-e7 f12-g11 179.b14-c12 a13-a12 180.l10-e16 g11-h10 181.e16-a12 h10-j9 182.a12-c14 l9-l8 183.a2-a4 h9-j7 184.a4-a5 k7-k6 185.a5-a6 k6-k5 186.j4-l2 j9-h8 187.e7-f6 h8-h7 188.f6-g5 h7-j6 189.g5-h4 j6-k6 190.a6-a7 d11-c9 191.c12-b10 g9-e8 192.b10-c8 e8-c7 193.c8-e9 k10-k9 194.c14-e12 k9-k8 195.e9-d11 c9-d11 196.e12-d11 l8-l7 197.a7-a8 c7-a8 198.d11-a8 k8-k7 199.a8-d11 l7-l6 200.p3-p4 h11-h10 201.p4-p5 j7-k9 202.o4-o5 k9-l7 203.o5-o6 l6-l5 204.o6-o7 l5-l4 205.p5-p6 k6-l5 206.p6-p7 k5-k4 207.h4-j4 k7-k6 208.o7-o8 k6-k5 209.j4-j5 k4-k3 210.l2-m1 k3-k2 211.m1-l2 k5-k4 212.l2-k1 n9-o8 213.p7-o8 m10-m9 214.o8-o9 l7-n8 215.j5-j4 m9-m8 216.d11-g14 n8-o10 217.g14-o7 h10-h9 218.n4-n5 o10-m11 219.n5-n6 m11-l9 220.o9-o10 l9-j8 221.o10-o11 j8-h6 222.j4-h3 l4-l3 223.o7-p6 h6-k7 224.h3-j4 k7-h6 225.j4-k3 h6-k7 226.o11-o12 k7-l9 227.o12-o13 l9-m11 228.o13-o14 m11-n13 229.p6-k11 h9-h8 230.o14-o15 n13-m15 231.k11-g8 l5-m5 232.k3-k4 m5-m4 233.k4-k3 q14-q13 234.k3-l2 q13-q12 235.q4-q5 m15-o16 236.k1-f5 o16-m15 237.g8-f9 m15-o16 238.q5-q6 q12-q11 239.q6-q7 q11-q10 240.q7-q8 o16-n14 241.f9-d7 n14-o16 242.f5-h7 o16-n14 243.d7-k1 m4-n5 244.l2-l3 n5-n6 245.l3-k2 1-0

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Une platitude souvent récitée à propos des Echecs est qu'une des choses les plus difficiles à réaliser est de gagner une position gagnante. Cela ne manque pas de sens mais, pour ma part, j'ai toujours trouvé plus difficile de gagner une position perdante. (Tim Krabbe)

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