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Game result  (chess)

N. Voudouris, 2008
S. Pech, 2002


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FICGS__BIG_CHESS__STANDARD_SILVER__000036       See crosstable
(type : rated knockout,   time : 30 days,   increment : 1 day / move)

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a b c d e f g h j k l m n o p q

Last move : 1/2-1/2     2023 May 31   20:49:24

[Site "FICGS"]
[Date "2021.07.01"]
[Round "2"]
[White "Zidu,Jan"]
[Black "Kruse,Herbert"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]
[WhiteElo ""]
[BlackElo "2103"]

1.b2-b3 j15-k13 2.p1-o3 h16-o10 3.j2-h4 e15-e13 4.k1-l3 f16-a11 5.g1-f3 m15-m13 6.b1-c3 n15-n13 7.c1-b2 o16-e7 8.c3-d5 e7-m14 9.e2-e4 p16-o14 10.n2-n4 l16-p12 11.h1-k3 q16-n16 12.m2-m4 b16-c14 13.f1-b5 g16-j15 14.o1-f9 d15-d14 15.k3-b11 a11-b12 16.b11-f15 e16-e15 17.f15-k11 c16-j10 18.k11-k10 o10-k10 19.b2-k10 e15-f15 20.l3-j4 a16-f16 21.f9-j6 p12-j6 22.h4-j6 h15-j13 23.l1-p5 j10-h11 24.a2-a4 k16-l14 25.m1-m3 a15-a13 26.e1-e3 n13-n12 27.j1-j2 m14-n13 28.b5-h11 j13-h11 29.k10-n13 n16-n13 30.h2-g4 n13-p13 31.f3-h4 j15-h13 32.f2-f4 f15-f9 33.a1-f1 j16-j15 34.f1-f3 f16-f11 35.q1-m1 m16-f16 36.f4-f5 f9-p9 37.q2-q4 b12-f8 38.o3-n5 f8-j11 39.o2-o4 j11-p5 40.q4-p5 p13-o13 41.m3-o3 p9-q9 42.o4-o5 o13-q13 43.m1-m3 q9-q2 44.o3-p3 h11-g13 45.f3-f1 f11-q11 46.e3-e1 f16-f10 47.n5-p4 q2-q4 48.j4-l5 f10-p10 49.l5-n6 l14-m12 50.p5-p6 p10-l10 51.j6-l5 q11-q8 52.m3-m1 m12-n10 53.n6-p5 q8-c8 54.d5-e3 q4-q9 55.p4-o2 k13-m12 56.m1-q1 l10-l9 57.q1-q9 q13-q9 58.f1-q1 h13-j11 59.p3-q3 c8-c9 60.p5-n6 j11-l10 61.n6-p7 q9-m9 62.l2-l3 l9-d9 63.d2-d3 q15-q13 64.q1-q2 p15-p14 65.e1-q1 n10-p11 66.q3-q8 g13-h11 67.q8-b8 b15-b14 68.q2-q8 c14-d12 69.o2-p4 h11-f12 70.p4-n5 g15-g13 71.n5-o7 o14-p12 72.l5-n6 o15-o13 73.h4-j6 l15-l14 74.j6-l7 m9-j9 75.g4-h6 j9-g9 76.g2-g4 p11-n10 77.q8-g8 g9-h9 78.h6-k7 h9-h7 79.k7-j5 h7-c7 80.q1-q8 d12-e14 81.g8-c8 h14-h13 82.c8-c7 c9-c7 83.b8-c8 d9-c9 84.c8-c9 c7-c9 85.e3-c4 g13-g12 86.n6-o8 n10-o8 87.q8-o8 c9-c11 88.p2-p4 c11-q11 89.p7-q5 q11-j11 90.o8-j8 j11-j8 91.l7-j8 l10-j9 92.q5-o6 j15-k14 93.k2-k4 k14-j13 94.h3-h4 j13-k12 95.j2-k3 k12-j11 96.g4-g5 o13-o12 97.o7-m8 f12-h11 98.k3-l4 o12-o11 99.c4-e5 p12-n11 100.g5-g6 p14-p13 101.h4-h5 q13-q12 102.h5-h6 p13-p12 103.j3-j4 q12-q11 104.h6-h7 p12-p11 105.e5-f7 q11-q10 106.f7-h8 q10-q9 107.o6-m7 p11-p10 108.m7-l9 n11-l10 109.h8-k9 j11-h12 110.l9-j10 h12-j13 111.m8-l10 m12-l10 112.j5-g4 h11-f10 113.j4-j5 f10-d9 114.k9-h10 d9-e7 115.j8-g9 l10-j11 116.j10-g11 j11-g10 117.g9-e10 j9-h11 118.e10-c11 g10-f12 119.g4-e5 e7-c8 120.h10-f9 c8-e9 121.f9-e11 e9-d11 122.e11-d13 f12-d13 123.c11-d13 d11-f12 124.d13-f12 e13-f12 125.g11-e12 f12-f11 126.j5-j6 h11-k10 127.l4-l5 k10-l8 128.k4-k5 l8-j7 129.l3-l4 j7-h5 130.e5-g4 h5-g3 131.l5-m6 g3-j4 132.e12-f10 e14-f12 133.p4-p5 j4-l3 134.m6-n5 d14-d13 135.m4-m5 c15-c13 136.j6-j7 b14-b13 137.f10-g8 a13-a12 138.g8-h6 f12-e10 139.l4-l5 l3-j2 140.j7-j8 b13-b12 141.k5-k6 a12-a11 142.k6-k7 j2-k4 143.n5-n6 k4-j6 144.h6-j4 c13-c12 145.m5-m6 b12-b11 146.l5-l6 a11-a10 147.l6-l7 e10-d8 148.g4-e5 j13-h12 149.k7-k8 h12-j11 150.n6-m7 j6-k4 151.p6-p7 k4-m3 152.l7-l8 m3-n5 153.m7-n6 n5-l6 154.k8-k9 l6-m4 155.n6-m7 m4-o3 156.p5-p6 o3-n5 157.m7-n6 n5-l6 158.j4-h6 l6-j7 159.n6-m7 j7-h5 160.l8-l9 d8-f9 161.n4-n5 h5-k6 162.m7-n6 k6-h5 163.o5-o6 h5-k4 164.h6-k7 k4-j6 165.o6-o7 f9-h8 166.k7-j9 j6-l5 167.n6-n7 l5-m3 168.n7-o6 m3-o4 169.o7-o8 o4-m3 170.n5-n6 m3-l5 171.m6-m7 h8-j6 172.o6-n7 j6-k8 173.m7-m8 k8-m9 174.n7-o7 l5-n4 175.n6-n7 n4-m6 176.o7-n6 m6-n8 177.e5-f7 n8-p7 178.n6-o7 p7-o5 179.j9-l8 o5-q6 180.o7-p7 q6-p8 181.p7-o7 p8-q6 182.o7-n8 m9-l7 183.n8-m7 l7-m5 184.m7-n6 m5-l7 185.n6-n5 q6-p8 186.f7-h8 l7-k5 187.h8-f9 c12-c11 188.f9-e11 d13-d12 189.e11-f13 d12-d11 190.f13-d12 b11-b10 191.d12-b13 c11-c10 192.b13-c11 a10-a9 193.c11-a12 b10-b9 194.a12-c13 k5-h4 195.c13-d11 h4-f3 196.d11-e9 c10-c9 197.e9-d7 f3-d4 198.d7-c9 d4-c2 199.c9-b7 a9-a8 200.b7-c5 c2-d4 201.a4-a5 j11-h10 202.n5-m6 p8-o10 203.l8-m10 h10-j11 204.m6-m7 o10-m9 205.l9-l10 m9-k8 206.m7-n8 k8-j6 207.m10-k11 j11-k12 208.a5-a6 j6-g5 209.o8-o9 p10-o9 210.n8-o9 g5-j6 211.o9-p9 j6-l7 212.p9-q9 l7-m9 213.q9-p8 m9-n7 214.p8-o7 n7-l6 215.o7-n8 d4-c6 216.k11-h10 l6-j5 217.h10-f9 j5-g4 218.f9-d10 b9-b8 219.d10-c8 a8-a7 220.c8-b10 c6-e7 221.d3-d4 g4-f6 222.d4-d5 f6-e8 223.b10-d11 e7-c8 224.d11-b12 e8-f10 225.b12-c10 f10-d9 226.n8-m9 c8-d6 227.m9-m10 d6-e8 228.p6-p7 e8-f6 229.m8-m9 k12-l12 230.m10-n11 l12-l13 231.m9-m10 l13-m14 232.n11-o12 m14-l13 233.o12-n11 l13-m14 234.d5-d6 m14-n13 235.e4-e5 f6-h5 236.c5-d7 h5-g7 237.f5-f6 g7-j6 238.c10-b8 d9-f10 239.b8-c6 j6-l7 240.n11-o10 l7-n8 241.o10-n9 n8-p7 242.c6-a7 n13-m12 243.a7-c8 p7-n6 244.a6-a7 n6-l5 245.a7-a8 l5-k7 246.a8-a9 k7-j5 247.c8-e7 f10-d11 248.a9-a10 m12-l13 249.a10-a11 d11-c13 250.d7-f8 j5-g4 251.e7-c6 l13-k12 252.b3-b4 k12-j11 253.n9-o10 j11-h10 254.o10-n11 h10-g9 255.g6-g7 g9-f10 256.m10-m11 f10-e11 257.m11-n12 m13-n12 258.n11-n12 o11-o10 259.f8-h9 o10-o9 260.h9-k8 o9-o8 261.n12-n13 o8-o7 262.k8-m7 g4-j5 263.h7-h8 c13-e12 264.n13-m14 e12-g13 265.m14-l15 k15-k13 266.l15-l14 j5-k7 267.k9-k10 k7-m6 268.m7-o6 g12-g11 269.j8-j9 g11-g10 270.l14-k14 g10-g9 271.c6-e7 g9-h8 272.g7-h8 m6-k7 273.e7-g6 k13-k12 274.k14-j13 k7-m8 275.j13-k12 m8-l10 276.k12-j13 l10-m12 277.j13-h14 e11-f12 278.a11-a12 m12-k13 279.h14-j13 f12-e12 280.g6-j7 e12-d12 281.j7-k9 d12-c12 282.k9-l11 k13-l15 283.l11-j10 c12-b12 284.j10-h12 f11-f10 285.j13-k14 l15-m13 286.k14-l13 m13-n11 287.k10-k11 b12-a12 288.l13-k14 n11-m13 289.k14-j13 m13-l15 290.j9-j10 a12-b11 291.k11-k12 b11-c10 292.k12-k13 j14-k13 293.h8-h9 g13-e12 294.h9-h10 e12-f14 295.h10-h11 c10-d11 296.h12-k13 f14-h15 297.j13-h13 l15-k13 298.h13-j14 k13-h12 299.j14-h15 h12-j10 300.h15-g14 d11-e12 301.g14-g13 e12-e13 302.h11-h12 e13-e14 303.h12-h13 e14-f15 304.b4-b5 f15-g15 305.b5-b6 j10-g9 306.d6-d7 f10-f9 307.h13-h14 g15-h15 308.e5-e6 g9-h11 309.g13-h12 h11-f12 310.h12-g11 f12-e10 311.g11-f10 e10-f8 312.f10-f9 f8-e6 313.f9-e9 h15-h14 314.d7-d8 h14-g13 315.f6-f7 e6-c5 316.e9-e10 g13-f12 317.d8-d9 c5-d7 318.e10-f10 1/2-1/2

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Man is a frivolous, a specious creature, and like a Chess player, cares more for the process of attaining his goal than for the goal itself. (Dostoyevsky)

Ich trinke, ich rauche, ich spiele, ich liebe Frauen – aber Fernschach ist ein Laster, das ich nicht habe. (Mikhail Nekhemyevich Tal)

Alguna parte de un error es siempre correcto. (Savielly Tartakover)

Toute estimation doit être constamment réévaluée. (Jacob Estrin)

Inventor: A person who makes an ingenious arrangement of wheels, levers and springs, and believes it civilization. (Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary)

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