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L. Flores, 2071
F. Bonoldi, 1845


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FICGS__CHESS__CUP_STAGE_1_GROUP_10__000003       See crosstable
(type : rated round-robin,   time : 30 days,   increment : 1 day / move)

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Last move : 1/2-1/2     2020 June 1   7:59:40

[Event "FICGS__CHESS__CUP_STAGE_1_GROUP_10__000003"]
[Site "FICGS"]
[Date "2019.11.02"]
[Round "1"]
[White "Zmolil,Josef"]
[Black "Maceda,Coco"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]
[WhiteElo "1740"]
[BlackElo "2141"]

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 a6 6.Be3 e5 7.Nb3 Be7 8.f3 h5 9.Qd2 Be6 10.O-O-O Nbd7 11.Kb1 b5 12.Nd5 Bxd5 13.exd5 Nb6 14.Bxb6 Qxb6 15.Na5 Rc8 16.Nc6 Nxd5 17.Nxe7 Nxe7 18.Qxd6 Qxd6 19.Rxd6 Nc6 20.c3 Ke7 21.Rd1 Nd8 22.Bd3 Ne6 23.Rhe1 Rc5 24.Bf1 f6 25.Rd3 Rc7 26.Red1 Rb8 27.Rd6 Nc5 28.R6d5 h4 29.b3 Ne6 30.Kb2 Rbc8 31.R1d2 Nc5 32.Rd6 g5 33.R2d5 Rc6 34.Rxc6 Rxc6 35.g3 hxg3 36.hxg3 e4 37.Be2 Rc8 38.Kc2 b4 39.c4 Rc6 40.f4 Ne6 41.fxg5 Nxg5 42.Kd2 Rd6 43.Ke3 Rxd5 44.cxd5 a5 45.g4 Kd6 46.Kd4 e3 47.Bc4 Nf7 48.Kxe3 Kc5 49.Be2 Nd6 50.Bf3 Nb5 51.Kf4 Nd6 52.Ke3 Nf7 53.Be4 Nd6 54.Kf4 Kd4 55.Bg2 Kc5 56.g5 fxg5+ 57.Kxg5 Nb5 58.Kf5 Kd6 59.Ke4 Nc3+ 60.Kd4 Nb5+ 61.Kc4 Na3+ 62.Kd3 Nb5 1/2-1/2

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Man is a frivolous, a specious creature, and like a Chess player, cares more for the process of attaining his goal than for the goal itself. (Dostoyevsky)

Es macht mich traurig, wenn ich sehe, dass Golfprofis mehr verdienen als Schachsportler. Obwohl ich davon überzeugt bin, dass wir Schachspieler viel härter trainieren müssen als die Golfer. (Alexandra Kosteniuk)

El Ajedrez es una manera fabulosa para que los niños aprendan a autovalorarse y a autoestimarse. (Saudin Robovic)

En blitz, le Cavalier l'emporte sur le Fou. (Vlastimil Hort)

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory. (Unknown)





July 15, 2020

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