Sicilian: Najdorf - Game 113505

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P. Fox, 2099
A. Pirogov, 2055


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FICGS__CHESS__NO_ENGINES_TOURNAMENT__000104       See crosstable
(type : unrated round-robin,   time : 40 days,   increment : 40 days / 10 moves)

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Last move : 1-0     2019 March 6   1:11:33

[Site "FICGS"]
[Date "2019.01.03"]
[Round "1"]
[White "Barbosa,Edinardo"]
[Black "Hilton,Stephen"]
[Result "1-0"]
[WhiteElo "1810"]
[BlackElo "1795"]

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 a6 6.Bd3 e5 7.Nf5 d5 8.O-O Bxf5 9.exf5 e4 10.Bg5 Be7 11.Be2 d4 12.Bxf6 Bxf6 13.Nxe4 O-O 14.Bd3 Nc6 15.Qd2 Ne5 16.Be2 Qb6 17.a4 Rac8 18.Rab1 Rfd8 19.Rfc1 Nc4 20.Nxf6+ Qxf6 21.Bxc4 Rxc4 22.b3 Rc3 23.Rd1 d3 24.cxd3 R8xd3 25.Qe2 Rxd1+ 26.Qxd1 h6 27.Qd5 Rc2 28.Qe4 Qb2 29.Qe1 Qa2 30.g4 Re2 31.Qf1 Qc2 32.Rc1 Qe4 33.Qg2 Qb4 34.Qf3 Re4 35.h3 Rf4 36.Qc3 Qb6 37.Qe3 Qxe3 38.fxe3 Rf3 39.Rc3 Rxh3 40.Kg2 Rh4 41.Kg3 Rh1 42.Rc8+ Kh7 43.Rc7 Rg1+ 44.Kf3 Rf1+ 45.Kg2 Re1 46.Rxf7 Rxe3 47.Rxb7 Kg8 48.Kf2 Rc3 49.a5 Rc5 50.b4 Rc4 51.Kg3 Rc3+ 52.Kh4 Rc1 53.Kh5 Kh7 54.Kh4 Rh1+ 55.Kg3 Rg1+ 56.Kf3 Rf1+ 57.Kg2 Rf4 58.Kg3 Rf1 59.Rb6 Rg1+ 60.Kf3 Rf1+ 61.Kg2 Rf4 62.Kg3 Rc4 63.Kh4 Kg8 64.Kh5 Kh7 65.g5 hxg5 66.Kxg5 Re4 67.f6 gxf6+ 68.Kxf6 Rg4 69.Ke6 Rc4 70.Kd5 Rg4 71.Kc6 Rg6+ 72.Kb7 1-0

  ECO code : B90 , the name of the chess opening is displayed below :

Sicilian : Najdorf

Kingside Castling by player White (move 8)

Kingside Castling by player Black (move 13)

10 pieces endgame at move 65 : White KRPPP , Black KRPPP

WHITE : King + 1 Rook 3 Pawns
BLACK : King + 1 Rook 3 Pawns

9 pieces endgame at move 66 : White KRPPP , Black KRPP

WHITE : King + 1 Rook 3 Pawns
BLACK : King + 1 Rook 2 Pawns

8 pieces endgame at move 67 : White KRPP , Black KRPP

WHITE : King + 1 Rook 2 Pawns
BLACK : King + 1 Rook 2 Pawns

7 pieces endgame at move 68 : White KRPP , Black KRP

WHITE : King + 1 Rook 2 Pawns
BLACK : King + 1 Rook 1 Pawn

Player White won this chess game.

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Der Knackpunkt bei der Konzentration ist, daß wir nur durch sie etwas Neues und Ungewöhnliches am Schachbrett finden können. Sie ist der einzige Weg durch neue neue Ideen eine Überraschung zu bereiten. (Garry Kasparov)

Yo no creo en la psicología. Yo creo en las buenas movidas. (Bobby Fischer)

Le profane ne songe pas à la somme de jouissance dont il se prive, qui méconnaît ce jeu aux ressources aussi variées que passionnantes. (Jean-Marie Jeanton-Lamarche)

Being number two sucks. (Andre Agassi)

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