How to make a jam of strawberries

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*aliz    (2010-07-26)

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How to make a jam of strawberries

Hello, my first attempt to make a jam is obviously a total failure, the strawberries and sugar really became too liquid, however the sugar amount was approximately equal to the strawberries. During cooking, the taste of the mixture was really good. You know a receipt which would function with strawberries and raspberries?

I wanted to also know if one can mix the fruits in jams, which kind of mixture one can make with plums or currants?  Thank you for your councils.

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كيف أن يجعل تشويش من توت أرض    (ar)
Как да направи приклещвам на ягоди    (bg)
Jak udělat jam jahod    (cs)
Hvordan man kan gøre en marmelade af jordbaer    (da)
Wie eine Fräsermarmelade zu machen    (de)
Πώς να κάνετε μια μαρμελάδα των φραουλών    (el)
How to make a jam of strawberries    (en)
Cómo hacer una mermelada de fresas    (es)
چگونه بايد از توت فرنگي جام جم    (fa)
Miten tehdä Hillot ja mansikat    (fi)
Yadda za su yi motoci da strawberries    (ha)
איך לעשות ריבת תות של    (he)
बनाने के लिए किस प्रकार के एक जाम स्ट्रॉबेरी    (hi)
Hogyan teszi a baj a szamóca    (hu)
Come fare una confettura di fragole    (it)
いちごの込み合いを作る方法    (ja)
딸기의 잼을 만드는 방법    (ko)
Hoe een jam van aardbeien doen    (nl)
Hvordan til å gjøre en Jam av jordbær    (no)
Jak należy składać do produkcji dżemów truskawek    (pl)
Como fazer uma compota de morangos    (pt)
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Как сделать варенье из клубник    (ru)
Kako da je zastoj u jagode    (sr)
Hur man gör ett driftstopp av jordgubbar    (sv)
วิธีทำให้มีการเลี้ยงของสตรอว์เบอร์รี    (th)
Nasıl bir reçel of çilekleri    (tr)
یہ اپ کے جام England Tennis Club    (ur)
如何做果酱草莓    (zh)

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