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Game result  (chess)

I. Cirulis, 2188
E. Novikov, 2106


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FICGS__CHESS__CUP_CHAMPIONSHIP__000002       See crosstable
(type : rated round-robin,   time : 30 days,   increment : 1 day / move)

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Last move : Rxa5     2019 September 17   19:46:2

White clock -  15 days  03:05:03
Black clock -  15 days  23:19:25

[Site "FICGS"]
[Date "2019.02.09"]
[Round "1"]
[White "Hamby,Stephen"]
[Black "Gazi,Miroslav"]
[Result "*"]
[WhiteElo "2234"]
[BlackElo "2305"]

1.Nf3 Nf6 2.g3 d5 3.Bg2 c5 4.O-O e6 5.d4 cxd4 6.Nxd4 e5 7.Nf3 Nc6 8.c4 d4 9.e3 Be7 10.exd4 exd4 11.Bf4 O-O 12.Ne5 Qb6 13.Re1 Nxe5 14.Bxe5 Rd8 15.Nd2 Bg4 16.Qb3 Bb4 17.Bc7 Qxc7 18.Qxb4 a5 19.Qe7 Rd7 20.Qe5 Qb6 21.b3 h6 22.h3 Be6 23.a4 Rc8 24.Rab1 Qb4 25.Red1 b6 26.Nf3 Qc5 27.g4 Rcd8 28.Qf4 Rd6 29.Ne5 Bc8 30.Nd3 Qc7 31.Rbc1 Bb7 32.c5 bxc5 33.Rxc5 Qd7 34.Ne5 Qe7 35.Bxb7 Qxb7 36.Qf3 Qb6 37.Rb5 Qc7 38.Qb7 Qxb7 39.Rxb7 Re6 40.f4 Ne4 41.Rc7 Rf6 42.Rc4 Rxf4 43.Nc6 Re8 44.Rcxd4 f5 45.Rf1 Rxf1+ 46.Kxf1 fxg4 47.hxg4 Nc5 48.Nxa5 Rb8 49.Nc6 Rxb3 50.Rc4 Nd7 51.a5 Ra3 52.Rd4 Nc5 53.Ke2 Kf7 54.Rd6 Ra4 55.Kf3 Ne4 56.Rd4 Ng5+ 57.Ke2 Ra1 58.Kd3 Ke6 59.Nd8+ Ke5 60.Nc6+ Kf6 61.Kc4 Ne6 62.Rd6 Rc1+ 63.Kb4 Rb1+ 64.Kc3 Ra1 65.Nd4 Rxa5 66.*

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You have to have the fighting spirit. You have to force moves and take chances. (Bobby Fischer)

Es hat in meinem Leben Zeiten gegeben, in denen das Schachspiel, wenn nicht zum Lebenszweck, so doch zu einem regelrechten Lebensersatz geworden ist. Man fühlt sich in solchen Zeiten nicht so, als besäße man eine göttliche Gabe, sondern eher so, als sei man von ihr besessen. (Garry Kasparov)

EL Ajedrez es como la vida. (Boris Spassky)

Un millionnaire : 'Monsieur Steinitz ! Vous ne participez aux tournois que pour l'argent, alors que moi je n'y viens que pour l'honneur.' Steinitz : 'Chacun joue pour ce qu'il n'a pas'...

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. (Antoine de Saint-Exupry)





September 18, 2019

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