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S. Uzdin, 2142
Y. Aahlad, 1914


See game 120106

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Statistics for Kestutis Andrasiunas    Andrasiunas, Kestutis
Statistics for Robertas Cetrauskas    Cetrauskas, Robertas
Statistics for Liudvikas Ci    Ci, Liudvikas
Statistics for Arturas Drozdovas    Drozdovas, Arturas
Statistics for Vytas Gerve    Gerve, Vytas
Statistics for Virginijus Grabliauskas    Grabliauskas, Virginijus
Statistics for Vidmantas Grazinys    Grazinys, Vidmantas
Statistics for Rytis Jurgaitis    Jurgaitis, Rytis
Statistics for Kestutis Kadonas    Kadonas, Kestutis
Statistics for Tadas Kaluina    Kaluina, Tadas
Statistics for Arvydas Karkalas    Karkalas, Arvydas
Statistics for Mantas Lesauskas    Lesauskas, Mantas
Statistics for Arturas Miliauskas    Miliauskas, Arturas
Statistics for Vytautas Narkevicius    Narkevicius, Vytautas
Statistics for Tadas Narvaisas    Narvaisas, Tadas
Statistics for Domas Paukstys    Paukstys, Domas
Statistics for Gintautas Razma    Razma, Gintautas
Statistics for Vitalij Sakharov    Sakharov, Vitalij
Statistics for Vytenis Salickas    Salickas, Vytenis
Statistics for Vytautas Smitas    Smitas, Vytautas
Statistics for Valdas Stonkus    Stonkus, Valdas
Statistics for Gintautas Stulgis    Stulgis, Gintautas
Statistics for Valdas Varkalis    Varkalis, Valdas
Statistics for Gintaras Vekelis    Vekelis, Gintaras
Statistics for Kasparas Vickunas    Vickunas, Kasparas
Statistics for Sigitas Vilnius    Vilnius, Sigitas
Statistics for Aivaras Virzintas    Virzintas, Aivaras
Statistics for Saulius Voveris    Voveris, Saulius
Statistics for Brian Werbickas    Werbickas, Brian
Statistics for Nagato Zero    Zero, Nagato
Statistics for Vaidotas Zilinskas    Zilinskas, Vaidotas





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