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Game result  (chess)

M. Eldridge, 2267
C. Ortiz, 2257


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American Go Association


See crosstable    FICGS__GO__WCH_TOURNAMENT__000016
                  Leaders : Sergey Uzdin   Sylvain Praz  
See crosstable    FICGS__GO__WCH_TOURNAMENT__000015
                  Winner : Sergey Uzdin  
See crosstable    FICGS__GO__WCH_TOURNAMENT__000014
                  Winner : Heinz-Georg Lehnhoff  
See crosstable    FICGS__GO__WCH_TOURNAMENT__000013
                  Winner : Mikko Aarnos  
See crosstable    FICGS__GO__WCH_TOURNAMENT__000012
                  Winner : Yeturu Aahlad  
See crosstable    FICGS__GO__WCH_TOURNAMENT__000011
                  No winner.
See crosstable    FICGS__GO__WCH_TOURNAMENT__000010
                  Winner : Yen-Wei Huang  
See crosstable    FICGS__GO__WCH_TOURNAMENT__000009
                  Winners : Mikhail Ruzin   Jing Huang  
See crosstable    FICGS__GO__WCH_TOURNAMENT__000008
                  Winner : Yen-Wei Huang  
See crosstable    FICGS__GO__WCH_TOURNAMENT__000007
                  Winner : Mikhail Ruzin  

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November 18, 2017

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