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Who will be the next Madonna?       (1)     2010-07-20

Hi, do you have any idea of who will be the next Madonna? What do you think about Lady Gaga?? Would it be possible that she's the one? Britney Spears? Anyone else? (...)

Why do you like Tokio Hotel?       (2)     2010-07-20

Hi, just curious, I would like to know what people like into the songs of the band Tokio Hotel... They sing in german, that's awful... Why do you like it??? Thanks. (...)

Pink Floyd live at Pompeii, when & why?       (1)     2010-07-13

Hi, does anyone know why Pink Floyd decided to film a performance live without any spectator at Pompeii and when did it happen exactly? Thank you for your answers. (...)

What's your favorite song of Alice Cooper?       (1)     2010-07-02

Hi, I just would like to know what song of Alice Cooper you like best, what do you think about her? Thank you. (...)

Do you like the Bee Gees?       (1)     2010-06-30

Hello everyone, I just would like to know what you think about the Bee Gees, is this one of your favourite bands and why? Thank you. (...)

Do you still like U2?       (1)     2010-06-29

Hi all, U2 was my favourite band for years, but then they started to make strange songs, with more electronic stuff... what do you think about their songs since that time (...)

Red Hot Chili Peppers separated or not?       (1)     2010-06-28

Hi, does anyone know if the band Red Hot Chili Peppers is separated? If yes, what happened and when? Thank you. (...)

What Elton John song is your favourite?       (1)     2010-06-24

Hi, what's your favourite song by Elton John? What did you think about Candles in the Wind? Cya (...)

Did you like Duran Duran?       (1)     2010-06-23

Hi, what did you think about the band Duran Duran? I heard that they were to come back, do you have more information on this? A new album soon? Thank you very much? (...)

Is Justin Timberlake gay?       (1)     2010-06-23

Hi, is it true that Justin Timberlake is gay??? I just read that on a website, I can't believe it. It is true or not? Thanks for your answers!! (...)

How did Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney meet?       (1)     2010-06-23

Hi. Everyone knows that Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney were quite near, Jackson bought the Beatles complete works but when and why did they meet? Thanks. (...)

When did Elvis Presley die?       (1)     2010-06-19

Hello, I would like to know when Elvis Presley died and was he ill at this time? Thank you. (...)

Who are the Spice girls?       (0)     2010-06-15

Hello, does anyone know the name of the Spice girls? I can't remember any, I just know that one is really famous and married to a soccer player and another one makes a s (...)

The Beatles best album       (0)     2010-06-15

Hello. I would like to know what album of the Beatles is your favourite and why? What albums I shouldn't miss to listen? Thank you. (...)

Led Zeppelin best album       (0)     2010-06-15

Hi, do everyone think that Stairway to Heaven is the best album of Led Zeppelin or do you think like me that it is overrated? Thank you. (...)

When did Michael Jackson die?       (0)     2010-06-15

Hello, could anyone tell me the exact date when Michael Jackson died? MJ we love youuuuuuuu 4 ever and ever.... (...)

Who is your favourite Beatle and why?       (0)     2010-06-14

Hi, just would like to know who is your favourite one in The Beatles... most often, one hear the names John Lennon and Paul Mc Cartney, what do you think about the other (...)

When did John Lennon die?       (0)     2010-06-14

Hello all, does anyone know when John Lennon was assassinated exactly? How many members of The Beatles died so far? Thank you. (...)

Do you like The Beatles?       (0)     2010-06-14

Hi, what do you think about what is probably the most famous band in the world ever? The Beatles (or The Rolling Stones?), so many years later... Is it definitely past f (...)

Why do you like Céline Dion?       (0)     2010-06-14

Hello all, I would like to know what people who listen to Céline Dion like in her songs... why do you like her so much? I just don't understand it. (...)

Is Robbie Williams more cute or talented?       (0)     2010-06-14

Hi girls, do you think that Robbie Williams is more talented or cute? What song is your favourite and why? Ciao bella. (...)

Do you know the email of Justin Bieber?       (0)     2010-06-14

Hi, does anyone know where I can write to Justin Bieber? I would like an email if possible, thank you so much! (...)

Christina Aguilera, like or not?       (0)     2010-06-14

Hi, do you like Christina Aguilera's songs or just her ***? Why do you like her? Just curious. Well, I could ask the same about Britney Spears. (...)

Pink Floyd best songs       (0)     2010-06-14

Hi, what are your favorite songs or albums by Pink Floyd? Mine is probably Echoes... Does anyone know where I can find a discography of them that is really complete? Th (...)

Michael Jackson's illness       (0)     2010-06-14

Hello, I would like to know the name of the illness of Michael Jackson that made him more and more White after some years. Why did it happen to him? Thanks. (...)

Evanescence best song       (0)     2010-06-14

Hi, what's Evanescence's best song according to you? At least the songs that one must listen to be sure to miss nothing... Thanks. (...)

Would you have sex with Britney Spears?       (0)     2010-06-14

Hi, what do you think about Britney Spears physically? Would you have sex with her ? :>>> (...)

Is Julio Iglesias your idol and why?       (0)     2010-06-14

Hi, I just would like to know why people like Julio Iglesias so much... what are his best songs? I can't even remember one of him... Thank you. (...)

Best songs of U2       (0)     2010-06-14

Hi, what are your favourite songs of the best rock band in the world: U2!!! Mine: Joshua Tree & The Fly... (...)

Frank Zappa or not Frank Zappa?       (0)     2010-06-14

Hi, why do you think about Frank Zappa? Will his music be forgotton in your opinion and why? Thanks for your answers. (...)

Rolling Stones best songs       (0)     2010-06-13

Hi, what are your favorite songs by The Rolling Stones? I'm just curious to know if I missed a few ones... Thank you, Rolling Stones is the best rock band ever!! (...)

what is the best michael jackson song?       (0)     2010-06-13

hi, what is your favourite song by michael jackson? mine is probably smooth criminal, what about you? (...)

Why Britney Spears has so much success?       (0)     2010-06-13

Hi, does anyone have any idea why Britney Spears has so much success? Is it because she's blond hair and made sexy musical videos? What else, her songs are just shit. (...)

What's your favorite song of Justin Bieber?       (0)     2010-06-13

Hi girls, what's your favorite song of Justin Bieber? What do you like in his songs? Or is it just him? (...)

Did Noel Gallagher left Oasis?       (0)     2010-06-13

Hi, what are the news around Oasis? Is it true that Noel Gallagher left the band? What's up? Thank you. (...)

Are the Jonas brothers asian?       (0)     2010-06-13

Hello, I would like to know if the Jonas brothers are asian, does anyone know something about that? Thank you. (...)

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guest-fitega    (2010-06-30 23:00:23)
Do you like the Bee Gees?

I love the Bee Gees, one of my favourite band ever!  But I have no idea why


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