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List of chess engines

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List of chess engines

As a reminder, a chess engine is a chess program able to play chess through an interface like XBoard [Linux] or WinBoard [Windows] via a standard protocol.

Here are a few lists of the most known chess engines, from the commercial programs to the free UCI engines, feel free to complete the list !

Commercial programs:

Shredder, Loop, Chessmaster, Ruffian, Ktulu, The King, Rybka, Onno, Deep Junior, Chess Tiger, HIARCS, Gandalf, Deep Sjeng, Naum, Zappa, Fritz, Deep Fritz, Chess Genius, Rebel, Smarthink.

Dedicated hardware:

ChipTest, Deep Blue, Cray Blitz, Deep Thought, Belle, HiTech, Hydra, Brutus.

Complete list:

Abrok, Adam, Adamant, Alarm, Aldebaran, Amateur, Amy, Amyan, AnMon, Ant, Arasan, Aristarch, Armageddon, Asterisk, Averno, Awesome, Ax, BSC, BabyChess, Baron, Belle, Belzebub, Beowulf, Bestia, Betsy, BigLion, Bionic Impakt, BlackBishop, Blikskottel, Bodo, Booot, BremboCB, Bringer, Bruja, Brutus, Butcher, Cassandre, Catalejo, Cecir, Cefap, Celes, Chess Tiger, ChessV, Chezzz, ChipTest, Chispa, Cilian, Colchess, Comet, Crafty, Cray Blitz, Crux, Cyberpagno, Cyrus, DChess, Damas, DanaSah, Danchess, Deep Blue, Deep Fritz, Deep Junior, Deep Thought, DeepTrouble, Delfi, Deuterium, Diep, Djinn, Dorky, DrChess, Dragon, El Chinito, Elephant, Embracer, Enano, EnginMax, Enigma, Esc, ExChess, Excelsior, Faile, Falcon, Fauce, Fimbelwinter, Firefly, Fortress, Francesca, Frenzee, Fritz, Fruit, GNU Chess, Gaia, Gandalf, Gargamella, Gaviota, Gedeone, Geko, Genesis, Gerbil, Ghost, Goliath, Gosu, Gothic Vortex, Gothmog, Green Light, Greko, Grizzly, Gromit, Gully, HIARCS, Hagrid, HiTech, Hikeeba, Hokuspokus, Holmes, Horizon, Hydra, Ikarus, Ippolit, JaksaH, Jester, Joanna, Jonny, JsBaM, JuniorJunior, Kace, Kaissa, Kanguruh, King, King of Kings, KnightCap, Knightdreamer, Knightx, Ktulu, LCHESS, LaDameBlanche, LaMoSca, LadyGambit, LambChop, LarsenVB, Leila, Lightning, Lime, List, Little Goliath, LordKing, Luiza, MSCP, Madeleine, Matacz, Matheus, Minichess, Mint, Monarch, Mooboo, Movei, MrChess, Muriel, Mustang, Mystery, NIMZO, NSVChess, Nagaskaki, Natwarlal, Needle, Nejmet, Nero, Nesik, Neurosis, Newrival, Noonian Chess, Olithink, Patriot, Patzer, Pawn, Pentagon, Pepito, Petir, Phalanx, Plywood, PolarEngine, Pooky, Postmodernist, Prechess, ProDeo, Pulsar, Pyotr, Quark, Queen, RDChess, Raffaela, Rainman, Ranita, Rebel, Replicant, Requiem, Resp, Rikus, RobboLito, Rookie, Ruffian, Rybka, SEE, SOS, SSEChess, Sargon, SaruChess, Scidlet, Sdbc, Sharper, Shredder, Simon, Sjeng, SlowChess, Smallpotato, Smarthink, Snail, Soldat, Spike, StAndersen, StanChess, StrategicDeep, Sunsetter, TCB (The Crazy Bishop), TJchess, TRex, TSCP, Taktix, Tamerlane, Tao, Temible, Terra, Thinker, Thor, Toga II, Trace, Trynyty, Tytan, Ufim, Wildcat, Witz, WjChess, Yace, Yawce, ZChess, Zappa, Zephyr, Zotron.

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*povopo    (2011-07-30 09:10:02)
List of chess engines

where is Houdini? strongest of all?

*ponise    (2014-03-26 20:16:52)
5 years ago



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UCI option, which allows you to see the engine evaluations and...
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subsequently establishes and maintains the connection between Sigma...

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Incidentally, it's certainly possible to load and run more than one...
The remaining three engines are traditional chess engines, but are...
feature will actually use the same engine twice for a special...


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