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Sargon is the name of a old chess program. It is also the name of a fish.

Sargon means "The king is stable".

Sargon est le nom d'un poisson et c'est également le nom que portèrent différents rois mésopotamiens, Sargon d'Akkad, fondateur de l'empire d'Akkad qui régna de 2334 à 2279 av. J.-C., Sargon Ier, roi d'Assur au xixe siècle av. J.-C. et Sargon II, roi d'Assyrie de 772 av. J.-C. à 705 av. J.-C..

Sargon (akkadien ancien šarrum kîn, assyrien šarru(m) kên, signifie « le roi est stable »)

Sargon est enfin le nom d'un ancien programme d'échecs.

These websites talk about Sargon:

 Akkad and S. The Great
history world
  1. As the result of Sargon's military prowess and ability to organize,
  2. Care to express an opinion on a current or past historical
 I Bust - Biblical Archaeology (Bible History Online)
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The Sargon of Akkad Bust is in the Iraq Museum in...

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Akkadian history for Kids - who were the Akkadians? Why did the...
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 Ancient Replicas - S. II in Royal Fashion Limestone Sculpture

and placed them in Halah and in Habor [by] the river of...
This was Sargon II, conqueror of the capital of the northern...

 The Old Testament Is Verified Archeologically
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But it's not just kings and well known figures who have been verified...
Critics sometimes claim that these flood stories came from recent...

 From Nabû-Nasir to Šamaš-šuma-ukin (ABC 1)
livius > cg cm/chronicles/abc1/abc1 col ii

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 * of Akkad
hyperhistory > apwh/bios/b1

There are many legends surrounding the birth and upbringing of...

 Ancient History Sourcebook: The Legend of S. of Akkadê, c. 2300 BCE
fordham > halsall/ancient/2300


 (ruler of Mesopotamia) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia
britannica > EBchecked/topic/524282

history of Mesopotamia (historical region, Asia): Sumer and Akkad...
sacred kingship (religious and political concept): The king as the...
Facts about Sargon: role in sacred kingship, as discussed in sacred...

 * is the great teacher who taught early mankind how to build an empire
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As the result of Sargon's military prowess and ability to organize,...
During Sargon's rule Akkadian became adapted to the script that...

 Samanet, a site about Japan, Japanese, MSX, S. and various other topics!

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 Map of Mesopotamia: Empire of
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 * and the Vanishing Sumerians
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 Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki
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 * and Moses. On their birth stories
tektonics > copycat

Adoption as a whole was not uncommon in the ancient world, because it...
In favor of an early date are, for example, the abundant Sargon...


 Engineering: Engineering, Estimating, Planning & Design

 * the Great of Akkad - Who Was S. the Great
ancienthistory.about > od/nemonarchs/g

Go to Other Ancient / Classical History Glossary pages beginning with...
Cultural Atlas of Mesopotamia and the Ancient Near...
Sargon established his capital at Agade (near Kish) becoming the king...

 * of Assyria, Palace of Sargon, Ashdod, Isaiah, Bible, Archaeology

King Sargon of Assyria - Attack on...
This clay prism contains Assyrian inscriptions in cuneiform writing...

Other websites

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 * the Great - All Empires
allempires > article/index.php

 British Museum - S. II, King of Assyria (721-705 BC)
britishmuseum > explore/highlights/article index/s

Explore the cultures of the world in UK museums on the World...

 * of Akkad - S. I - S. II
lexiline > lexiline/lexi57.htm

Indeed, the document language on the Sargon tablets does not fit the...
Tablet Language does not fit the Era No...

 II: Biography from
answers > topic

Copenhagen: Det kongelige Danske videnskabernes selskab,...

 Category:S. II - Wikimedia Commons
commons.wikimedia > wiki/Category:

This page was last modified on 3 August 2009, at...

 Welcome to the support web site for S. digital readout systems. S. dros, linear scale, digital readouts, manuals and mounting hardware

 birth legend and Moses'
skeptically > oldtestament/id3 S. the Magnificent (9780766140998): Mrs Sydney Bristowe: Books

Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil: Why Church Fathers Suppressed...
The Sumerians: Their History, Culture, and Character (Phoenix...
Genesis 6 Giants Master Builders of Prehistoric and Ancient...

 The Reign of S. of Akkad
historyguide > ancient

 Dental Implants On-Line Training Course

Become an implant placement and restorative dentist with the world's...
Fully Credited On-line Dental Implant Courses are now...
With The Sargon On-line Training Course, you can enhance your...

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