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Hyderabad Escorts 9573329997       (0)     2010-10-03

Those who want to full fill your hot desires we Female escorts in Hyderabad are here to make your dreams come true.Call girls in Hyderabad are maintained by Female escort (...)

What kind of guy is most attractive?       (3)     2010-08-12

Hi, what kind of guy is most attractive to you and why? Brown eyes? Muscles or not? Blue eyes? Why you have these criteria according to you? Thank you for the answer (...)

Cyber relationships, what do you think?       (2)     2010-07-20

Hi, do you chat on the internet? Did you have a cyber relationship already? What do you think about that? Would you date someone this way or never? Why? Thank you. (...)

Do you want to be devoted to someone?       (1)     2010-07-13

Hello, I would like to understand why so many people want to be devoted to someone, or should I say anyone... What are the reasons for that? Are you in that case, and if (...)

What kind of girl is most attractive?       (1)     2010-06-28

Hi, what kind of girl is most attractive to you and why? You prefer them with blond hair? Green eyes? Why? Thin or fat, why?? Do you know why you have these criteri (...)

Why am I hard to fall in love with?       (2)     2010-06-24

Hello, do you know why some people are hard to fall in love with? What's our problem? What should I do to arrange that, I must be a bitch or what? Thanksss. (...)

Did you date someone online already?       (1)     2010-06-23

Hello, I would like to know if you already dated someone online and how it was? Do you regret it, was is just ok or did you find love? Thank you for sharing your experi (...)

I'm afraid to be alone       (0)     2010-06-21

Hello everyone, I would like to understand why I am so afraid to be alone, I always need a man near me otherwise I feel bad, are you like that also? Did you manage to ch (...)

Is your girlfriend a stripper?       (0)     2010-06-21

Hi, is your girlfriend a stripper and what do you think about that? Or did you broke with your girlfriend because she wanted to be a stripper? Or on the contrary you li (...)

Why do I get bored easily?       (0)     2010-06-21

Hi, I would like to know why I do get bored so easily in my relationships? I can't stay with the same girl more than 1 year or so... Thank you. (...)

What would you like to thank your father for?       (0)     2010-06-21

Hi, all it title, are you grateful to your father? What would you like to thank him for? (...)

How do you want to be treated during sex?       (0)     2010-06-21

Hi girls, I would like yo know how you prefer to be treated during sex, with respect, really hard? Actually I would like to understand why that? (...)

Why I still love my ex?       (0)     2010-06-20

Hi there, I just would like to understand why I'm still in love with my ex boyfriend.... I broke with him, I don't want to continue with him but I can't imagine him with (...)

Why it is so complicated?       (0)     2010-06-20

Hi... Why life is so complicated, always... Relationships, jobs, friends, parents... It is all complicated, why? What can I do to change that? Thank you. (...)

How to kill my wife?       (0)     2010-06-20

Hi, would you help me to find the best way to kill my wife? Thank you!!! (...)

Anyone wanna talk?       (0)     2010-06-20

Hi, I would like to chat, are you ready? Is there a way to video chat here? (...)

How much time to know if I have HIV?       (0)     2010-06-20

Hello, if I do a HIV test, how much time it takes to know if I have HIV? Thank you very much. (...)

Do girls like short men?       (0)     2010-06-20

Hi, do you think that there are girls who like short men? Why there would be? What things they may like according to you? Thank you. (...)

Should I quit smoking for my girlfriend?       (0)     2010-06-20

Hi, my girlfriend harrasses me to quit smoking but I just don't want to, do you think that I should quit smoking for her? Would you help me to find some good reasons to (...)

Your girlfriend is pregnant, are you happy?       (1)     2010-06-20

So you just discovered that your girlfriend is pregnant... How did it happen? Are you happy with that? Whatever the answer, could you explain why? (...)

Do you have sex friends?       (1)     2010-06-20

Hi, I'd like to know why some people have sex friends, for what? What's so different? How many sex friends you have at the same time? Thank you. (...)

What would you like to thank your mother for?       (0)     2010-06-20

Hi, just curious if you are grateful, what would you like to thank your mother for? Thank you for your answers. (...)

Do beautiful people make you insecure?       (0)     2010-06-19

Hi, my question may look strange but do beautiful people around you make you insecure? That's what I feel sometimes but I don't understand why, do you have any idea? (...)

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