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Why online casino gaming is so popular?       (0)     2020-08-01

How Did Online Casino Gaming Become So Popular? It’s no secret that in many places around the world, online casino gaming has become phenomenally popular. In 2018 alon (...)

How much do poker chips cost?       (2)     2019-08-17

Hi, I would like to know what are the best prices for good poker chips that I can buy on the internet. Any idea or interesting links? Thank you. (...)

How to win at casinos ?       (18)     2018-01-18

Hello, I have read an article explaining that it is not possible to win at casinos, but I have heard about several methods to win at some games like Blackjack or slot mac (...)

Online casino bonus codes       (0)     2017-05-30

Hi all, As you know, many games can be played online for real money, mainly chancy games but also skill games on various more or less trusted sites. Most of the time, it (...)

Risky chess moves, Big wins       (0)     2016-08-04

Risky Chess Moves That Might Result In Big Wins Chess is a very aggressive game, even if it seems calm and studious. There are several moves that some of the most experie (...)

Do slot machines emit radio frequencies?       (1)     2010-07-01

Hello, just curious, I would like to know if the slot machines emit some radio frequencies, do you have any idea about that? (...)

video poker, why do you play it?       (0)     2010-06-15

hi, I would like to know why the name "video poker", that is not really similar to poker, right? did you already win money at video poker in casinos? how do you play it (...)

Sit N Go tournament, what is it?       (0)     2010-06-15

Hi, could anyone explain what Sit N Go tournaments consist in? What are the differences between it and usual texas holdem tournaments? Thank you. (...)

How many poker chips for a tournament?       (0)     2010-06-15

Hello, I'd like to know how many chips per player are needed for a 10 players tournament? What's the best number for each value? Thanks. (...)

How to win at roulette       (0)     2010-06-15

Hi, is there a way to win while playing at the roullette in casinos or is it mathematically impossible whatever the way you play it? Thank you (...)

Best texas holdem player in the world       (0)     2010-06-15

Hi all, who is the best texas holdem player in the whole world according to you? (...)

Why is poker so popular now?       (0)     2010-06-15

Hi all, do you have any idea why poker texas holdem is so popular nowadays? What game could be more popular in the next few years according to you? (...)

How much did you lose at poker?       (0)     2010-06-15

Hi, I just would like to know how much money you lost while playing poker online or for real? Does anyone know the percentage of players who lose money? I bet that it i (...)

Who invented the slot machines?       (0)     2010-06-15

Hello, I would like to know who invented the slot machines and when. Do you know where I can find more information on this? Thank you. (...)

free money at poker websites       (0)     2010-06-15

hi, how is it possible to get free money only by signing up at some poker websites? how does this work exactly? thanks for your explanations, I just don't get it but I (...)

Why counting cards is illegal?       (0)     2010-06-15

Hi, I just would like to know why counting cards is illegal while playing Blackjack in casinos!? Isn't it a game of skill after all? Is it possible to count cards in on (...)

Poker sites that offer the best bonuses       (0)     2010-06-15

Hi, does anyone know which poker sites offer the best bonuses? I would like to establish a top 10... Please also specify which sites you trust or you do not trust. Thank (...)

How do you bluff at poker?       (0)     2010-06-15

Hi, I would like to know how you bluff at poker? How many times out of out many times do you completely bluff or is it just your feeling? Thank you. (...)

Texas Hold'em: Can I show before to play?       (0)     2010-06-14

Hello, is it authorized to reveal my cards before to play? In example can I show my cards just before to call once the river is revealed? Thank you. (...)

How are poker chips manufactured?       (0)     2010-06-14

Hi, do you have any idea on how poker chips are manufactured? Just curiosity... Thank you very much. (...)

Where to play blackjack online?       (0)     2010-06-14

Hi, I would like to know what are the best places to play blackjack online for money and why do you prefer or trust these ones. What kind of problems did you encounter wh (...)

Tips to play poker online       (0)     2010-06-14

Hi, do you know websites that gather the best tips to play poker online, starting with the best sites where to play. Are there strategies that may be different from real (...)

How to change the picture on Pokerstars?       (0)     2010-06-14

Hello, does anyone know how to change my picture on the online poker site Pokerstars? Thanks in advance. (...)

5 euro free to scratch cards       (0)     2010-06-13

5 euro free to scratch cards and play slots : (...)

Best online casinos       (1)     2010-06-13

Hello, I would like to know what are the best online casinos, the places where you can play real money without any risk of cheating and where you can see accurate statist (...)

Easiest games in online casinos       (0)     2010-06-06

Hi, do you think that some games are easier than others to win money in online casinos? Did you experience it already? What gambling games do you play for the best resu (...)

At what age one can play poker in US       (0)     2010-06-04

Hi, I would like to know at what age one can play poker for money in United States. What are the possible consequences if one start earlier? Thank you. (...)

play for money       (4)     2010-05-20

play online money games for real money, make money http://www.playingformoney.net/ (...)

poker for money       (3)     2010-05-20

playing online poker game for real money .. http://www.pokerformoney.org/ (...)

chess money       (1)     2010-05-20

money games are very hude and one of them is chess for money. It is very popular and different game http://www.chessformoney.com/ (...)

money games       (2)     2010-05-20

online money games for fun or for making money. For money online games it is very huge and quality sites http://www.benimblog.com/moneygames/ (...)

casino for money       (0)     2010-04-21

online casino games for real money . wanna play on internet casino for real usd or euro money i found this site usefull http://www.casinoformoney.net/ (...)

How to win at slot machines ?       (2)     2010-02-04

Hi, Did you hear about these people who observe how the slot machines (like video poker) distribute the money in casinos ? I forgot their name in english (my english is (...)

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guest-kasino    (2020-08-01 18:08:18)
Why online casino gaming is so popular?

How Did Online Casino Gaming Become So Popular?

It’s no secret that in many places around the world, online casino gaming has become phenomenally popular. In 2018 alone, there were 36.6 million online accounts registered with Gambling Commission-licensed facilities in the UK. 33.6 million of those accounts were active, so that means 33.6 million accounts gambled with online casinos in the UK that year. It’s a similar story around the world; online casino gaming has proven massively popular with people in lots of different nations, and there are plenty of reasons for that. Here are some of the reasons why online casino gaming has become so popular.


There’s no getting around the fact that online casino gaming is massively more convenient than physical casinos. When you take a trip to a physical casino, you might have to travel a fair distance to get there, and you’ll have to burn money either driving or taking public transport (assuming you don’t walk or cycle, of course). In the USA, a third of the country is within 25 miles of a casino, but that isn’t a problem with online casinos; all you need to do is fire up your favourite browser and start playing. You don’t even have to leave the room you’re in, let alone your home. There’s no doubt that online casinos are more convenient than land-based alternatives.


For a long time, physical casinos have seemed out of reach for those who don’t find it easy to leave their home. It’s not just convenient to be able to head online and play a few rounds of poker; it’s also the only option for some who are confined to their house for one reason or another. While internationally-imposed lockdowns may have kept us all at home for a few months, for some, the reality is that they can’t leave their house without significant assistance. For those people, and for anyone who finds it more difficult to leave the house, online casinos provide a safe, accessible way to have fun gambling that anyone can enjoy - you’ll just want to ensure you are in a positive mood so you don’t make errors whilst playing poker, as this will, of course, be negative to your strategy.


There is a staggering level of choice when it comes to online casinos. You don’t need to settle for a casino if you don’t like the bonuses or beginner incentives it’s offering. Instead, you can simply look elsewhere without even needing to leave your seat. It’s enabled platforms like Casimba to truly take off; the games here are high-quality, give good payouts, and are exciting and varied. In almost all commercial ventures, it’s a very good idea to shop around first instead of committing immediately to a certain option. The huge range of online casinos available online means you can do just that, and you can even switch between them on a regular basis if you find a system that works.


When you’re in a physical casino, you’ll likely see a lot of the old favourites there: slots, video poker, perhaps even roulette or a poker table if it’s a Vegas-style old-fashioned casino. At online casinos, however, the world of online gambling is truly your oyster. Want to play something a bit more obscure like sic-bo or Pai Gow poker? While you may not find those games at land-based ventures - likely because they don’t quite draw in the massive customer numbers of the more popular games - you’re almost certain to find an online casino that’s offering them. Not only that, but the actual range of slots, poker, and roulette variants online vastly outnumbers that of land-based casinos.


Since online casinos are in fierce competition with one another, you’re likely to find that they will offer hugely competitive bonuses for you. An online casino platform wants nothing more than to get and retain your business, so they’ll want to make sure their games are as enticing for you as possible. While this is also technically true of physical casinos, online casinos are far more numerous, so they know they need to work extra hard to keep customer business. That’s why you’ll find a huge range of excellent beginner bonuses and repeat-customer incentives from the online casino industry where you wouldn’t necessarily find the same thing in land-based casinos.


Online casinos have a lot to prove when it comes to security protocols. After all, these are not physical brick-and-mortar buildings you can walk into and see the staff in. They need to make sure that their security is top-notch and doesn’t make customers feel like their money isn’t in safe hands. That’s why you’ll notice that most online casino platforms have amazing security in place to handle your cash and give you peace of mind. That means world-class encryption when it comes to your account details, as well as plenty of other security features that ensure your money will never end up somewhere it doesn’t need to be.

Payout options

Most online casinos will offer a wide range of ways that you can cash in your winnings. Whether it be PayPal, bank transfer, or a variety of other options, you’ll generally find that online casinos will pay your winnings however you like. That’s a massive advantage for online customers of casinos from overseas because it means you’re eliminating the pesky currency conversion middle man. Your winnings will simply be converted to whatever currency you’re using at home and that’s that. Although this doesn’t always beat the speed of physical casinos, which often pay out immediately, it’s still a hugely convenient and safe way to get your money.


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