Risky chess moves, Big wins

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*voduju    (2016-08-04)
Risky chess moves, Big wins

Risky Chess Moves That Might Result In Big Wins

Chess is a very aggressive game, even if it seems calm and studious. There are several moves that some of the most experienced gamers will think twice about, though they are effective when they work. These dangerous moves have a low-return rate, especially when compared to gambling like the increasingly popular Swedish Svenska Online Casino. The following are just some of those risky moves.

The Crazy King Opening

The idea here is to move your pawns forward leaving the king completely exposed. Then entice the other player to let down his guard while taking an alternative strategy that will surprise the duped opponent. Most players use the queen or their knights to take down the opponent's valuable pieces.

Exposing the Queen

For this move you will expose the queen the same way you did the king. The move is not as risky because the opponent understands that the queen is a lot more flexible, but it may work. This is mostly true because the opponent understands that the queen is his or her most dangerous adversary. Still, it would be wise for the risky player to position a few rescue pieces, just in case the opponent sees through the ruse.

Showing an Aggressive Defense

The move involves moving f and e pawns forward twice at the beginning of the game. The move is to counterattack a common move that a novice gamer will make as he or she exposes both a horse and a pawn. The move forces the opponent to take the bait and sacrifice either the pawn or his or her horse. The move does expose some powerful pieces for the risk-taking gamer, but at least there is a good chance that he or she will come out ahead.

A Monster Move Ahead

This move is quite aggressive and does put some of your best pieces out there, but it also forms a strong offense and defense should it work.
The idea is to start by moving e4 and e5; then move Nc3 and Nf6 until you end with Bc4 with Nxe4. The truth is that it does put both the queen and king in jeopardy with little hope of a return, but the move can be effective and hit the opponent hard early in the game.

Cracking Strongholds in a Risky Way

Some defenses are quite strong, which is why some players try to break those defenses by trying some eccentric moves that might actually expose them a little too much. One of those moves involves moving e4 and g6, which are relatively simple movies. The wheels start moving when Bc4 is moved along with Bg7. The risky player moves to Qf3 and e6, and just when things seem to calm down, the dangerous gamer goes crazy with d4 Bxd4. The last moves include Nd2 and Bg7 and Nb3. It is a strong way to break that natural barrier that some players like to start with and could end up letting the gambit win the game.

It is clear to see that there are moves in chess that are tailor-made for folks that like to play a little dangerously.


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