Is PageRank on Google toolbar reliable?

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patricia    (2011-01-04)
Is PageRank on Google toolbar reliable?

How can you be sure that the PageRank numbers on the Google tool bar are correct?automatic directory submission

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*xapuge    (2011-01-26 07:02:14)
Is PageRank on Google toolbar reliable?

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healthtourism    (2011-06-12 12:21:01)
12 years ago

Yes off course.

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sunilsamuel    (2011-09-13 16:16:51)
12 years ago

yes google toolbar is best for checking page rank of any site.... i also use google toolbar for pr check


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austinkrum    (2011-11-24 21:35:08)
12 years ago

Yes it is the most reliable way to check page rank. But google pagerank didn't work well in firefox 4+ versions.


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bradley75    (2011-11-24 23:16:57)
12 years ago

Yes it directly takes data from Google server. The most updated one.


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*mazexe    (2012-06-04 07:13:46)
Is PageRank on Google toolbar reliable?

Yes it is the most reliable way for checking the PR.

seosolutions84    (2012-06-09 08:37:01)
11 years ago

Yes, page rank on google toolbar is reliable, it is mainly used for checking PR.



petersmith5544    (2013-08-02 12:56:31)
10 years ago

I understand that PageRank and link buying is a messy little can of worms. But what I'm looking for is something that indicates that the toolbar meter itself shows outdated information, or in some other way shouldn't be trusted to reflect Google's current PageRank assessment.


ozstylo    (2013-08-05 11:19:07)
10 years ago

i use page rank extention for that purpose


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