Does anyone need a job?

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slkh8    (2010-09-10)


Does anyone need a job?

How long have you been out of work. I can help as I found a great company and you can do it from home.

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thomasscot    (2011-06-06 07:50:47)


Does anyone need a job?

I am Thomas Scot Morey from England. I am new here. I just join this forum.Yes I need a job.


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hariscriss    (2011-06-09 07:38:02)
9 years ago

I am Haris criss. I am new member. I just Join This Forum. I belong from IT industry. Thanks No need Job.


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brewatson    (2011-06-14 08:09:07)
9 years ago

Off course every body have need of job. Me also.


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kolumbus    (2011-07-20 19:46:34)
9 years ago

I Need one!!! Give me a job

kolumbus    (2011-07-20 19:47:14)
9 years ago

I need a job, too. Let give me a Job, I will wait...

*giceru    (2012-04-29 19:49:28)
Does anyone need a job?

i am gul from pak. i need job. i am a web developer.

jimmysen    (2012-08-30 13:04:51)
8 years ago

Yes I need Job. What job opourtunity you have?



adenoreid    (2012-10-25 13:18:22)
Type of Job

What type of jobs you have?

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davidpol5    (2012-11-02 13:42:28)
8 years ago

I am professionally Electrical engineer. I need a job.


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pereiracunha    (2012-12-13 07:04:19)
7 years ago

Je What kind of job you have? Please share Jobs detail.


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