Bring people together with chess

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*gozeli    (2016-09-19)
Bring people together with chess

Chess: A Great Game To Bring People Together

One of the best ways to bring people together is by playing games. While more and more people move towards things like video games or online lives, nothing brings people together like playing together. A game like chess demands that in person strategy and competition that can really help to grow relationships.

Why Chess?

Chess, of course, isn't the only highly interactive game out there. Something like bingo (even online with its special bingo promotions) is a wonderfully social game that calls on different people of all ages to go head to head with one another in gatherings both large and small. Chess, however, is social in a particularly special way that you would struggle to find in even the best online multiplayer or real-world bingo games.

Right off the bat the fact that chess is a one on one game makes it necessary to know another person or spend time specifically with one other individual in order to compete. Chess demands strong thought, strategy, and that competitive nature. The one on one competition can really bring people together and because of the unique strategy that comes from playing chess as a player you get a look at how the other person thinks.

Are they aggressive and like to attack? Defensive and know how to set up the defenses? Do they mix and match, like counter-attacking on defense or setting up traps? All of these are viable game playing strategies for both white and black in chess and also help you learn how a person thinks when playing these games.

Knowing how a person thinks really helps when making that connection. It might confirm what you think about a person and the way they conventionally think while on the other hand you might be taken completely by surprise in a really pleasant way.

Chess is a game that is fairly easy to learn the basics of, but becoming good at it takes weeks, months, or even years of study. There are thousands to tens of thousands of moves, and the grand masters of chess spend a lifetime truly mastering the game.

Amazing Connecting Game

These factors are what make chess such a great game for connecting. The basic rules and movements can be learned in a single day, a person can practice on an empty board, and yet years of playing not only help a player get better but still leaves room for even more improvement.

This also means that individuals can create some really impressive rivalries that last over multiple years and you continue to play with the same person or the same set of people. You can watch them grow as players even as they watch you grow and change.

Chess is also a game that has some beautiful chess boards that are also portable, making it easy to go to a favorite bar with tables, a restaurant, or a park and meet people there to play. There are few games that have the appeal, the stature, and the popularity of chess - or are nearly as effective in connecting with other players!


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