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hoaxes, 2008-11-26 10:36:13
Business proposal

One more hoax ! Greetings! Hang-Seng-URGENT BUSINESS PROPOSAL...... It is understandable that you might be a little bit apprehensive because you do not know me, Please forgive this unusual manner to c(...)

2008-11-19 15:48:40
TV series online

Who needs television, who needs to download during days and days -with the risks- full TV series in divx, mkv or similar formats today ? Nowadays, plenty of websites offer you to watch it in streamin(...)

questions answers, 2008-11-16 19:25:03
403 Forbidden chmod uploaded files

Just a trick, If you upload a file through a PHP file ie. this way : @unlink($file); if (is_uploaded_file($_FILES)) { rename($_FILES, $file); chmod($file,0755); } Note the PHP function(...)

hoaxes, 2008-11-10 18:45:52
Yahoo send you a invitation !!!

The title says it all, this is a scam... Hello , ! Your friend invited you to use the BETA email Service from YAHOO join YAHOO and Create your Free Email Account Just click here to receive your FREE Y(...)

hoaxes, 2008-11-10 15:06:02
Business partnership

One more business partnership hoax : Dear Friend This letter must come to you as a big surprise, but I believe it is only a day that people meet and become great friends and business partners. I am Mr(...)

hoaxes, 2008-11-09 14:58:02
Can I trust you ?

The same with colors... From. Mr. Tom Brown. Kindest Attention: My name is Mr. Tom Brown, I am from Nederland’s .I have been diagnosed with Esophageal cancer. It has defiled all forms of medical tre(...)

hoaxes, 2008-11-09 14:53:55
Let's work together

Who didn't receive at least one proposal looking like the following one... a typical hoax : Hello, Let me introduce myself,my name is XXX Xinsheng (Minister of General Administration of Customs of the(...)

hoaxes, 2008-11-08 23:46:18
Google Adwords scam

A new Google Adwords scam from russia is spread over the internet, look at the first link to Google Adwords, actually redirecting you to

2008-11-07 10:46:20
Hackers on Obama

Barrack Obama's victory in the race to the White House is already used by hackers who instantly sent tens of new hoaxes offering to download a video of speeches by Barrack Obama or even a porn video w(...)

google-pagerank, 2008-11-05 17:07:08
Pagerank calculation

Check these links, very interesting stuff

2008-11-05 16:18:13
Barrack Obama president

Yes he can, Barrack Obama will be the next president of the United States of America. What a surprise after all, and what a victory. Maybe we'll know a bit more soon on the reasons of this vote, parti(...)

blagues, 2008-10-23 16:46:43
La blague du jour !

En voici une qui vient de faire le tour du net, très à propos dans ce contexte de crise internationale... "Mieux vaut avoir des bourses en action que des actions en bourse !"

blagues, 2008-10-23 16:45:01
69 bonnes raisons d'être un homme

1. Vous pouvez manger une banane sans que personne n'ait d'arrière- pensée. 2. Vos conversations téléphoniques sont finies en 30 secondes. 3. Le monde est votre urinoir. 4. Si quelque chose de mé(...)

software, 2008-10-22 16:13:33
Download Ants

Ants is the future of peer to peer (P2P) ANts P2P encrypts all traffic sent or received from others and proxies traffic between participants in the network to make it harder to determine the originati(...)

questions réponses, 2008-10-20 18:33:30
M6 sur décodeur TNT

No way, j'ai le même problème ici. Il faudra probablement attendre le bon vouloir du groupe M6.

javascript, 2008-10-16 22:23:29
How to insert BBcode / Textarea

How to insert BBcode tags around the selected text in a textarea ? After having searched scripts to answer my question (more or less simple codes with the Caret method and so on) and encountered some (...)

nouvelles, 2008-10-16 12:42:28
Dernier débat Obama McCain

Le dernier débat entre Barack Obama et John McCain a eu lieu cette nuit et fut de toute évidence un peu plus agressif que les précédents. L'indépendance énergétique, les impôts et l'assurance (...)

glossaire, 2008-10-16 11:51:47
Ip Failover

L'IP fail-over (service fourni en France notamment par OVH) peut être très utile lors de l'upgrade d'un serveur ou en cas de fonctionnement avec un serveur principal et un serveur de backup. Votre h(...)

2008-10-12 02:46:16
Viral marketing

.. in 2 points. 1) Make it easy for others to spread your message. 2) Offer a reward for passing your message along. A reward ? Why not simply sending their affiliate link ? Finally if your website i(...)

2008-10-12 02:11:39
Facebook's viral inviter

Didn't you ever submit your MSN username and password in a website that can tell you who blocked you or not ? Then, strangely your contacts may have received an invitation to try this tool too, the m(...)

questions answers, 2008-10-08 16:47:28
Windows Vista problems

In its first months, it appeared that programs running on Windows Vista were slower than when running on Windows XP, also there was a lack of proper drivers and lots of application compatibility issue(...)

questions réponses, 2008-10-08 16:45:55
Quel ordinateur portable acheter ?

Les supermarchés vendent de moins en moins de tours, les ordinateurs portables ont décidément le succès grandissant au fur et à mesure que leurs prix rejoignent ceux de leurs grands frères, mais(...)

hoaxes, 2008-10-08 11:24:48
Postcard virus warning

Among the latest virus hoaxes, an email alert warns of 'the worst virus ever' with an attachment 'POSTCARD' or 'POSTCARD FROM HALLMARK', it spreads since february 2008 and it is of course absolutely f(...)

2008-10-08 11:09:47
Sarah Palin hot pictures

If internet search traffic does mean anything, Sarah Palin (the republican vice-president candidate and governor of Alaska) has become the center of all interests in a few weeks only. Just like Barack(...)

2008-10-07 10:32:24
World's most beautiful women

Who is the most beautiful women in the world in 2008 ? The internet gives many names of supermodels, actresses or simply stars who invaded the internet with their photos. In the past, the names were M(...)

2008-10-05 21:39:48
PageRank export october 2008

A new Google PageRank export started. Many webmasters saw a fall of their website's PageRank and identify duplicate content and the connection between the number of outcoming links and the number of i(...)

référencement, 2008-10-05 21:22:31
Mise à jour du PageRank octobre 2008

Un nouvel export de la fameuse barre de PageRank semble avoir été mis en route par Google ce début octobre 2008. Beaucoup de webmasters se plaignent d'une chute brutale et identifient le duplicate (...)

référencement, 2008-10-05 21:14:23

Après le PageRank et le TrustRank, Google aurait déposé en mars dernier un brevet pour un nouvel indice appelé FreshRank, qui calculerait une note évaluant la fraîcheur des pages. Tout ça rajou(...)

miscellaneous, 2008-10-05 14:27:43
Spam / Hoax

The same one... "If you see a message titled "Mail Server Report" DO NOT OPEN IT! DELETE IT! Otherwise you'll lose everything in your pc. The sender will gain access to your email,(...)

miscellaneous, 2008-10-05 14:24:52

A new spam.. please do not send it to your contacts. "Do not open any emails titled 'Mail Server Report' Please warn as many people as you can!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! If there is any ki(...)

2008-09-29 13:23:54
ICS Monitoring Team

A really funny spam... "Your internet access is going to get suspended. The Internet Service Provider Consorcium was made to protect the rights of software authors, artists. We conduct regular wi(...)

2008-09-20 04:21:33

Dans la séléction finale, on retrouve : Gautier, Mickels, Solène, Gaëtan, Alice, Joanna, Quentin, Laura, Julia, Anissa, Edouard, Maryline, Anna, Yvane et Harold. Pour l'anecdote, Flavien (recalé)(...)

2008-09-20 04:00:39
List of participants Star'ac

Not a list of participants for the next Olympic games, Rolland-Garros, Cannes festival or whatever, only the list of participants of the next french TV reality show Star Academy... - Non, il ne s'agit(...)

2008-09-19 11:39:34

MIRA Salvador El Salvador Athletics // MIRALIYEV Movlud Azerbaijan Judo // MIRALLAS Kevin Belgium Football // MIRANDA Arturo Canada Diving // MIRANDA Erika Brazil Judo // MIRANDA Glenda Ecuador (...)

2008-09-19 11:34:19

LI Bin China Water Polo // LI Chenhao China Baseball // LI Ching Hong Kg, China Table Tennis // LI Chiu-Ching Chinese Taipei Softball // LI Chunxia China Softball // LI Fei China Sailing // LI (...)

2008-09-19 11:29:52

KANISKINA Olga Russian Fed. Athletics // KANO Miyuki Japan Volleyball // KANOUTE Kadiatou Mali Basketball // KANTER Gerd Estonia Athletics // KAO Chih-Kang Chinese Taipei Baseball // KAPACHINSKA(...)

2008-09-19 11:26:33

GREBENKOVA Lyudmila Russian Fed. Gymnastics Artistic // GRECHIN Andrey Russian Fed. Swimming // GRECHISHNIKOVA Evdokia Russian Fed. Modern Pentathlon // GREEN Anna New Zealand Football // GREEN E(...)

2008-09-19 11:24:53

DOBIJA Teresa Poland Athletics // DOBRE Estera Romania Wrestling // DOBRISKEY Lisa Great Britain Athletics // DOBROSKOK Aleksandr Russian Fed. Diving // DOBROSKOK Dmitriy Russian Fed. Diving // (...)

2008-09-19 11:23:38

BRATAN Evgheni Rep. of Moldova Weightlifting // BRATHWAITE Ryan Barbados Athletics // BRAUD Martin France Canoe/Kayak Slalom // BRAVIK Fruzsina Hungary Water Polo // BRAVO LOPEZ Carlos Jose Venez(...)

2008-09-19 11:21:28
List of participants

Here is the complete list of participants in these Olympic Games 2008 : AAMODT Ragnhild Norway Handball // ABAKUMOVA Maria Russian Fed. Athletics // ABALDE Tamara Spain Basketball // ABALMASAU Ali(...)

2008-09-13 16:36:24
Benedict XVI in France

Pope Benedict XVI was in Paris yesterday, today in Lourdes, this is his first visit in France. Benedict XVI is not well known by french people yet. Benedict XVI (Latin: Benedictus XVI, Italian: Benede(...)

2008-09-10 01:09:05
Star Academy 8

Star Academy France 2008 in 2 weeks from now. French-speaking only. - Star Académie 2008 arrive dans 2 semaines à peine en France, plus précisément ce 19 septembre après un passage éclair de Lau(...)

2008-08-13 13:48:53
1ère médaille d'or pour la France

Enfin la première médaille d'or pour le français Steeve Guenot devenu champion olympique en lutte gréco-romaine dans les moins de 66 kilos, son frère a obtenu la médaille de bronze dans les moin(...)

2008-08-13 13:36:51
Compare credit cards

One of the best ways to save money is to compare the best offers on credit cards, mortgages, loans, insurances and other financial products, now gas & electricity, and see if you could benefit fro(...)

2008-08-12 19:36:36
Laure Manaudou

C'est décidément la catastrophe dans la compétition de natation pour Laure Manaudou, qui craque au micro de Nelson Monfort après une nouvelle mauvaise place (8ème, puis 7ème). On a apprécié l'(...)

2008-08-12 14:26:26
The other side

Do anyone remember the news before the start of the Olympic games in China ? "Olympic torch faces protests in San Francisco", "Protests surround London Olympic torch relay", "(...)

2008-08-12 14:18:48
Beijing games results

On 9 August 2008, Olympic Games officially opened. Olympic results : Medal table on 10 August 2008 Country : GOLD SILVER BRONZE TOTAL 1. China : 6 2 0 8 2. United States : 2 2 4 8 3. South Kore(...)

2008-08-12 13:42:56
Self-proclaimed narcissist

John Edwards, former senator, one-time vice presidential nominee and two-time Democratic presidential hopeful declared, admitting that he cheated on his wife : " fed a self-focus, an egotism, a n(...)

2008-08-08 13:34:55
Daily top 10

Did you receive this nice spammy newsletter ? .. with all links pointed to the same page, or how to promote a website daily top 10 stories Top 10 stories 1. Yankees plane crashes over Minneso(...)

promote-your-website, 2008-08-08 13:25:23
More and more funny :)

Top 10 stories 1. Texans Do The Unthinkable 2. Bush Accidentally Starts The War On Iran 3. "I Won't Raise Taxes," Says Schwarzenegger, "except For The Indians." 4. 2008 Presidentia(...)