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admin    (2008-10-05)

A new spam.. please do not send it to your contacts.

"Do not open any emails titled 'Mail Server Report'  Please warn as many people as you can!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

If there is any kindness I can show,or any good thing I can do to any fellow human being,let me do it now and not defer or neglect it,as I shall not pass this way again."

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admin    (2008-10-05 14:27:43)
Spam / Hoax

The same one...

"If you see a message titled "Mail Server Report"  DO NOT OPEN IT! DELETE IT!

Otherwise you'll lose everything in your pc.  The sender will gain access to your email,name and password

This has been confirmed by

PLEASE pass this to all your contacts!!!!!!!!

Thank you"

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