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marketraise    (2008-06-27)
google ranking

friends , i am not aware of what thing does google see while ranking your site.would you like to share your ideas with me

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moderator    (2008-06-27 23:14:18)



Well, I suppose that Google analyzes all that we need to take care of

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blastbomb00    (2008-08-26 10:22:52)
I think

I think one of the factors Google looks at a web page ranking is back links

bradley75    (2011-11-24 23:20:48)
12 years ago

Google consider its popularity on internet than rank it on search.


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alysaray    (2011-12-12 19:54:48)
12 years ago

you please set your all meata tag with google policy and make some back links on realted site
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justinshanks    (2012-02-18 21:44:06)
12 years ago

Best thing to help your website ranked well in google is quality content and backlinks


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shannon354    (2012-02-28 22:44:40)
google ranking

Google depends more on backlinks. provide some do follow backlinks to your website.


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blackford89    (2012-03-29 08:27:24)
11 years ago

Page Rank Checker is a completely free service to check Google pagerank instantly using our online page rank check tool or a small pagerank button.


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farleykent    (2012-05-01 08:47:09)
11 years ago

It would be unfair to say that the Page Rank is calculated as the square root of the sum of the two sides squared. Obviously we define to Google, as an algorithm, even team is behind, because despite the magic that some believe that Google is sometimes do manually, the company philosophy to make sense of the information of millions of websites, can not be a manual task. So if we think of google algorithms, we can, as in every computer, do a little reverse engineering. So it is very important to know how google calculate page rank.

farleykent    (2012-05-01 08:49:58)
11 years ago

About a year ago there were those who held the idea that accumulate the highest number of links to your own web page made up the Page Rank. From a logical stand point, not a bad idea considering that the Page Rank in short, is nothing but a popularity rating. If our site gets many links means it's very popular .... Right?

This proposal was not without foundation and it is true that Google is fairly supported this conclusion, so that webmasters began to realize that spamming, for thousands of sites became more popular your website, not only for users outside the advertised content, but Google itself, which felt deceived by these techniques greatly expanded to popular sites that did germinate links and more links for hundreds of public forums.


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