Osteoarthritis or slipped disc?

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*kastorm    (2010-01-22)

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Osteoarthritis or slipped disc?

Hello, I believe that my dog made either a osteoarthritis, or a slipped disc, I really do not know and apparently the veterinary surgeon does not know either. The poor dog has had difficulties to rise for 2 days and it seems to me that that worsens, one would even say that its legs start to stagger when it tries to go, and finally he turns in round during a few seconds before falling. One does not know if the problem is neurological, it will take anti-inflammatory drugs and another drug as from tomorrow, the veterinary surgeon already made him two punctures, including one with cortisone.

How to know precisely if a dog has a hernia or a osteoarthritis?  There are obvious signs or it should be waited until its state worsens to be sure?

Thank you for your assistance.

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