Legality of the sites of remote loading

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*terido    (2010-05-05)

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Legality of the sites of remote loading

Hello, you think what of the sites of film remote loading at the legal level?  It seems that these sites which propose to download commercial films, music, books and software continue to develop and to multiply on Internet, therefore the police force does not do apparently anything to eliminate them. Thus the question is: are these Internet sites legal or not?

If I remember well, an Internet site was condemned recently for copy of contents because publicities were posted on the same page. Without publicity, the authors could have said that the fault is that of the users. The sites of remote loading of films and music are filled of publicity, therefore they should also be subjected to the same law. Why does nobody do anything?

Thank you for your explanations.


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شرعية من الموقعات من تحميل بعيد    (ar)
Законността на местата на отдалечени натоварване    (bg)
Zákonnost místech vzdálených nakládky    (cs)
Lovligheden af de steder, hvor fjerntliggende LASTNING    (da)
Legalität der Fernladenstandorte    (de)
Νομιμότητα των τοποθετήσεων téléchargement    (el)
Legality of the sites of remote loading    (en)
Legalidad de los lugares de cobro a distancia    (es)
قانوني‌ بودن‌ از برنامه های از راه دور باركنش‌    (fa)
laillisuuden syrjäisten lastausta alueet    (fi)
legality da harabobi da Gibeya lodan    (ha)
חוקיות באתרי ידח העמסה    (he)
विधि-मान्यता के दूर-दराज के स्थलों में लोडिंग    (hi)
A jogszerűség helyek a távoli berakás    (hu)
Legalità delle località di teletrasmissione    (it)
遠隔ローディングの場所の合法性    (ja)
먼 선적의 위치의 합법    (ko)
Wettigheid van de plaatsen van download    (nl)
Lovligheten av anläggningar av fjernkontroll utlastingen    (no)
Legalność odległych miejsc załadunku    (pl)
Legalidade dos sítios téléchargement    (pt)
Legalitatea dintre siturile de incarcare izolata.    (ro)
Законность мест дистанционной нагрузки    (ru)
Zakonitost lokacije na daljinsko upravljanje Loading    (sr)
Legality av platserna av avlägset ladda    (sv)
แหงกฎหมายของการอ่านของเครื่องในเครือข่าย    (th)
Meşruiyetini yerler uzaktan yükleme    (tr)
مباحت سائٹس کے دور دراز کے لدائی    (ur)
Pháp lý các trang web tải về    (vi)
遥远的装货站点的合法    (zh)

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