How to pay less expensive Internet?

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*lucusa    (2010-04-10)

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How to pay less expensive Internet?

Here an idea which was tested, which goes very well, and which can enable you to pay less expensive Internet if your needs to download are reasonable.

This easy way is also a solution with the problem of certain people who cannot have Internet in certain areas far away from the cities, where the high flow is still a dream. If you can not to have connection ADSL, if offers by satellite appear still too expensive you, and if you have a neighbor with less than 1 kilometer of on your premise who has Internet, you can propose to him to share his connection and the expenses of his subscription.

How to make to share the connection Internet of your neighbor?  The adapters CPL (or Powerline/PLC) 85 Mbps are enough to connect 2 houses distant from 200 meters with a simple electric extension. If your neighbor is located at more than 200 meters but less than 1 kilometer, it is also possible to share your connection Internet with a coaxial cable and a specific adapter CPL. In short, you included/understood the principle, actually all is possible!

If you choose this solution, it will be necessary to invest approximately 100 euros in 200 meters of electric extension and 100 euros in adapters CPL, but you will pay Internet twice less expensive. Connection is also fast and the flow is the same one, you will not see the difference.

Finally, if you choose this solution, the extension will have to be buried in a sheath to avoid degrading itself. The only problem is that your neighbor must trust you bus then if you visit prohibited sites, it will be responsible.

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كيف أن يدفع إنترنت غالية أقلّ?    (ar)
Как да плащат по-евтин Интернет?    (bg)
Jak platit méně nákladné internet?    (cs)
Hvordan man skal betale mindre dyre Internettet?    (da)
Wie weniger teures Internet zu zahlen?    (de)
Πώς να πληρώστε το πιό ακριβό δια    (el)
How to pay less expensive Internet?    (en)
¿Cómo pagar Internet menos costoso?    (es)
چگونه اينترنت گران پرداخت?    (fa)
Miten maksaa vähemmän kalliita Internet-?    (fi)
YADDA AKE Gaza da tsada intanetin?    (ha)
איך לשלם פחות יקר אינטרנט?    (he)
को भुगतान किस प्रकार क    (hi)
Hogyan lehet fizetni olcsóbb internet?    (hu)
Come pagare Internet meno costoso?    (it)
比較的安価のインターネットを支払う方法か    (ja)
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