How to increase Alexa traffic ranking

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admin    (2006-12-17)
How to increase Alexa traffic ranking

First step of increasing your website Alexa Rank is to download Alexa toolbar :


... then start browsing your website regularly. You can see your websites Alexa Rank on Alexa Toolbar. If you don't have an Alexa Rank, it will Display "No Data". After a couple of days your website will get Alexa Rank in number.

Just keep browsing thru Alexa Toolbar within couple of months period your website will get good Alexa Ranking. Post your website URL in SEO forums (webmasters may use Alexa toolbar), suggest your website visitors, friends, and other people to download Alexa Toolbar. Thus, you will achieve a good alexa rank. Finally question is... what for ? :)

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How to increase Alexa traffic ranking

Works quite well... Alexa rank for FICGS still increase.. 1,000,000 - 700,000 - 600,000 - 500,000 - 400,000 - 300,000 .. in a few weeks !

Will be more interesting when in top 100,000

overclock    (2007-01-18 22:14:42)
How to increase alexa taffic rank..

How to increase alexa taffic rank..I already use autosuft to adversite my site..I got average 800 visitor daily..I see another site look not active but his traffic rank is under 200K..

*kimrennin    (2008-08-28 05:54:19)
Ranking of Alexa traffic

Our ranking wasn’t wrong before, but it was different. Alexa tool bar users’ interests and surfing habits could differ from those of the general population in a number of ways, and we described some of those possible differences on our website. While the vast majority of sites’ rankings were unaffected by such differences,we’ve worked hard on our new ranking system to adjust for situations in which they could matter. The new rankings should better reflect the interests and surfing habits of the broader population of Web users.


Get Website Traffic

*shanmugam    (2008-11-15 07:50:21)

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*bashar_sh    (2008-11-15 16:39:09)
Bashar Shannak

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*adbert    (2008-12-06 20:44:24)
Discussing the Alexa traffic rankings

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*rajesh    (2009-05-16 17:19:01)

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*e6fec4    (2009-06-05 11:27:31)

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*ted    (2009-12-15 19:17:23)
14 years ago

*alex    (2010-02-16 15:45:36)
How to increase Alexa traffic ranking

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*67f9e1    (2010-03-14 07:14:57)
14 years ago

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tony    (2010-03-19 08:25:57)
That's easy: Get Alexa widgets on your site.

Place Alexa widgets on your site to promote your traffic rank and reviews.

*a41795    (2010-03-29 19:16:27)
How to Increase Online Traffic

Increase alexa traffic ranking when you increase online traffic to your website:



*xusuto    (2010-03-31 21:03:45)
14 years ago

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*fotolu    (2010-04-17 20:54:21)
How to increase Alexa traffic ranking

I personally feel that if you really want to increase Alexa ranking then use normal SEO techniques which will give you permanent rank.
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*babor7111    (2010-04-28 10:08:53)
13 years ago

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*poroge    (2010-07-17 02:31:54)
13 years ago

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13 years ago

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*xuvepu    (2011-02-22 19:40:47)
How to increase Alexa traffic ranking

I found that the fastest way to improve Alexa rank is to use Their service was great and now my blog is in Alexa's top 50K. I suggest you the same

*jackmore    (2011-02-24 07:24:08)
13 years ago

Hello people. I'm a bit new to this Alexa ranking stuff, but I managed to achieve something very very good, at least this is how i feel. This is what happened with my team's website after I designed it.
A few people recommended to improve Alexa ranking.
They worked great for us and our site's Alexa rank is now in Alexa's top 100K.
Hope this helps

*javacse08    (2011-02-25 20:02:42)
13 years ago

Some time ago i don't know about ALEXA RANK but i found it in
then it's work greatest and then it's like dream my Alexa rank is now in the top 100K.

*mark    (2011-02-26 20:32:05)
13 years ago

A few people recommended .They brought my site to Alexa’s top 50K in less than 90 days

*litika    (2011-03-02 10:55:42)
13 years ago

" I am always with  alex.
Now my blog is in Alexa's top 50K.The fastest way to improve Alexa rank is to use alex."

*obriens    (2011-04-17 22:47:07)
How to increase Alexa traffic ranking

I am looking at how to increase my Alexa traffic ranking for my two web sites. ht*p:// camping and caravan equipment sit and ht*p:// mini cooler fridge site. I do not want to pay out lots of money to do this. Looked through these links and did not really get any good ideas.

*tania    (2011-04-23 01:55:03)
12 years ago

I did my research. I spent sometime to modify everything on my website. I purchased ads from Facebook, Google, Yahoo. I did not see the alexa traffic do anything on my website. I can easily get into under 600K rank for Alexa rank in 1 month. I did not do anything like any one say here. I run ads on Facebook, Google and Yahoo. My budget is so low $5.00/day. I purchase the ads based on impression. The traffic is up and down. I have regular 3K-10K visit in daily basis. Beside running the ads on all the big network I also spread the words to all my friends and ask them to let their friends know about my website.

I do not spam or buy fake traffic. I do not do that because I heard Google and Alexa can drop your ranks and result in search if you do that.

One thing I notice the rank on Alexa is not based on your traffic because if they do that your rank will go and up any time you check your rank. I think they refer your rank based on the search result on Google.

Try it go to google and type your website domain. Take a note how many search result come up under your website domain. Now go to alexa and do your rank. Take a note again.

Redo this step in 48 hours. If the number of the result is stay the same. I can bet you your rank will stay the same.

I monitor alexa rank within 3 weeks and that is my investigation.

Do not use any script because it does not do anything. Do not use the redirect because it does not work. Do not buy fake traffic buy ads on Facebook, Google and Yahoo. It does do something to your traffic.

Update your website often so your visitor know you work hard for your website.

Good Luck.

ilmkidunya    (2012-01-19 07:31:25)
12 years ago

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