Famous Go players

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Famous Go players

Here is a list of famous Go (WeiQi, Baduk) players, from the olders to the strongers players nowadays :

Cho U broke the record of the fastest promotion to 9 dan in Nihon Ki-in history.
Ma Xiaochun was a top player in China during the 1990s.
Alexander Dinerchtein 3p is current European Go champion 2009.
Nie Weiping was an international Go player in the late 1980s.
Honinbo Shusai was one founder of the Nihon-Kiin.
Chang Hao is one of the strongest chinese players.
Sakata Eio "Razor Sakata" was former holder of most championship titles.
Yoda Norimoto is still one of the strongest Go players in activity.
Ishida Yoshio is still the youngest Honinbo winner.
Go Seigen (Wu Qingyuan) was the greatest player of the 20th century.
Kobayashi Koichi is one of the strongest players in Japan.
Catalin Taranu is the highest pro rank amongst european players.
Cho Chikun is one of the strongest Go players.
Gu Li is most probably the best chinese player.
Rui Naiwei was the first woman to reach the 9 dan rank.
Takemiya Masaki became famous for his style of in the center.
Kensaku Segoewas was famous for teaching Cho Hunhyun & Go Seigen.
Lee Changho is one of the strongest players in the world.
Honinbo Dosaku was the first Kisei.
Honinbo Shusaku was the greatest player of the 19th century.
Yamashita Keigo is one of the strongest players in the world.
Honinbo Sansa was founder and first head of the house Honinbo.
Cho Hunhyun was one of the strongest players in the world.
Lee Sedol is one of the strongest baduk players in the world.
Michael Redmond was the first non-asian to reach the 9 dan rank.
Honinbo Jowa was dubbed Kisei & played the famous "Blood Vomiting Game".
Rin Kaiho was one of Go Seigen's students.
Kitani Minoru was a great friend and a famous opponent of Go Seigen.
Naoki Hane broke the record of the fastest promotion to 9 dan in Nihon Ki-in history in 2002.

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