Did Michael Jackson suicide ?

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moderator    (2009-06-27)


Did Michael Jackson suicide ?

King of pop music, Michael Jackson, died less than two days ago and the first rumors on his suicide appear on the internet as he could have taken too much medicine.

Was he ready for the 50 concerts that was to happen in july 2009 in London in your opinion ?  Is this cardiac attack mainly due to stress and the difficulty to prepare a gigantic show at 50 years old or was he conscient about his abuse of medicine these last days ?  What do his doctor really know about it ?  Sure some people think Michael Jackson has been murdered as well, no doubt that he was surrounded by sharks during his entire life.

It should take several weeks to know if there was too much toxic substances in his corpse, the story just begins and sure we will hear about this tragic death for years in the future.

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*b894c3    (2009-06-28 09:53:42)
Bo Selecta

Michael Jackson's death was definately assisted suicide. Michael Jackson knew that he wasn't up to the comeback tour.

He knew that if he had gone through with it he would have been always remembered as the star who was charged with molestation, who was well past his best, or worse.

Suicide, assisted by his doctor, resulting in his death gave him a degree of pardon for his past and he will be remembered as a genius. And it means his children will become rich from his royalties and they will not have to live with the stigma that would have always been attached to them. And his debts will be cleared.

The doctor's claims about trying and wanting to revive him was well rehearsed.

A not surprising end to his life..!

*a16181    (2009-06-28 14:34:16)
Did Michael Jackson commit suicide ?

I agree that this death should not be a surprise !  It was probably a suicide according to me.

*ca8298    (2009-06-29 18:43:54)

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*ddaaff    (2009-07-05 23:00:13)
Michael Jackson did suicide

I think Michael Jackson for certain did not
die a natural death, highly possible its a suicide, very coincidental just before the concert tour was to begin

*bcaa0f    (2009-07-06 19:19:03)
just a guy trying to get through


*4db30c    (2009-07-07 21:36:38)

No. He wanted to go to the ER so he could postpone the concert. He didnt mean to kill himself.

*elizabeth    (2010-05-11 20:51:00)
13 years ago

he was not conscient about his abuse of medicine on his last days also had difficulty to prepare a gigantic show (50 concerts in London) at his 40 years old.
By the way I found a website that give you prizes for your opinions here is the topic about Michael Jackson

samwalker    (2011-06-28 19:21:55)
12 years ago

In my opinion that Michael Jackson was the name of life he always pass the energy of life to the other so how can he sucide no not at all.


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trailerstash    (2013-01-14 06:47:17)
11 years ago

I am agree with that, Micheal Jackson was died with the negligence of the his doctor, and doctor also admits that he is responsible for that.

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dentrafting    (2013-01-17 07:06:39)
11 years ago

I do not think so because it was happened with the negligence of the Doctor. Doctor admitted that his negligence killed his patient.

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ultracare    (2013-01-22 08:39:51)
Did Michael Jackson suicide ?

I did not agree with that because Jackson was murdered by his doctor. He was show his negligence and did not give proper treatment.

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developtheapps    (2013-10-11 09:15:48)
10 years ago

He is a legendary singer. I don't believe that he committed a suicide. His Doctor accepted that his negligence was the reason of death. Doctor is now imprisonment for 4 years for his negligence.


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