Conditions to vote by procuration

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*8a0547    (2010-03-17)

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Conditions to vote by procuration

Hello, I would like to know if I can vote by procuration if I leave during a few days far from at home during the second turn from the elections. If I understand well, the problem is that I leave for personal reasons. I read that the accepted cases are for the holidays or professional reasons, and apparently in fact the police stations manage the procurations, you know if they are strict on this question?

I can call upon which reason impossible to check to be able to vote by procuration despite everything?

Thank you for your answers.


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شروط إلى إقتراع ب [بروكرأيشن]    (ar)
Условията за гласуване от пълном    (bg)
Podmínky pro hlasování prokurista    (cs)
Betingelser for at stemme ved forening    (da)
Bedingungen, um durch Vollmacht zu wählen    (de)
Προϋποθέσεις να ψηφίσουν από procur    (el)
Conditions to vote by procuration    (en)
Condiciones para votar por adquisición    (es)
شرايط براي راي دادن با خريد    (fa)
Edellytykset procuration äänestystä    (fi)
Sharuɗɗan da ta procuration    (ha)
תנאים להצביע של סוכות    (he)
शर्तों द्वारा मतदान के    (hi)
Feltételek szavaz a beszerzés    (hu)
Condizioni per votare per procura    (it)
獲得による投票への条件    (ja)
획득에 의하여 투표에 조건    (ko)
Voorwaarden om per volmacht te stemmen    (nl)
Forhold til å stemme ved procuration    (no)
Warunki do głosowania przez składania    (pl)
Condições para votar por procuração    (pt)
Conditiile de vot de stabilire    (ro)
Условия к вотуму procuration    (ru)
Uslovi za glasanje putem Nabava    (sr)
Villkorar för att rösta vid procuration    (sv)
เงื่อนไขที่จะออกเสีย    (th)
Koşullarının oylamayı vekaletnamenin    (tr)
حالات کو ووٹ دینے کی سربراہی    (ur)
条件到表决由获得    (zh)

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