Blocked circulator

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*pu    (2009-11-23)

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Blocked circulator

Hello, I try to relight my boiler with fuel but the pump seems to be blocked and consequently nothing passes in the radiators. You know how to make to free a circulator or that means that I must make it change by a repairer, which is likely to be to me still rather expensive. If you know an easy way, thank you to answer me quickly on this forum, it starts to be cold during the evening.

Thank you.


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Circulador bloqueado    (es)
circulator مسدود    (fa)
estää circulator    (fi)
Tare circulator    (ha)
חסם מפיץ    (he)
अवरूद्ध circulator    (hi)
Amely zárolt    (hu)
Circolatore bloccata    (it)
妨げられたサーキュレータ    (ja)
막힌 전달자    (ko)
Geblokkeerde Circulateur    (nl)
Sperret circulator    (no)
Zablokowany dostosowywanie    (pl)
Circulador bloqueado    (pt)
blocat circulator    (ro)
Преграженный циркулятор    (ru)
Blokiran bio    (sr)
Blockerad circulator    (sv)
ถูกกั้นผู้แพร่    (th)
Bloke circulator    (tr)
circulator بند    (ur)
封锁的循环物    (zh)

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