Better processors DualCore QuadCore

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Better processors DualCore QuadCore

Hello, I would like to know which are the best processors currently sold on the market of the computers. One speaks much about the processors DualCore and QuadCore, but all these processors exceed hardly the frequency 3GHz, one can surely find computers more powerful.

You know where one can find such computers and which are the prices for these machines?  If you know Internet sites which sell these computers for a reasonable price, thank you to give me their address.

Good evening.

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معالجات جيّدة [دولكر] [قودكر]    (ar)
Gut Prozessoren DualCore QuadCore    (de)
Καλύτερος επεξεργαστές DualCore QuadCor    (el)
Better processors DualCore QuadCore    (en)
Mejor procesadores DualCore QuadCore    (es)
Migliori unità di elaborazione DualCore QuadCore    (it)
よりよいプロセッサーDualCore QuadCore    (ja)
더 나은 가공업자 DualCore QuadCore    (ko)
Beter processoren DualCore QuadCore    (nl)
Melhores processadores DualCore QuadCore    (pt)
Более лучшие обработчики DualCore Quad    (ru)
Bättre processorer DualCore QuadCore    (sv)
更好的处理器DualCore QuadCore    (zh)

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