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Lazaro Munoz

I an 61 years old, living in New Jersey, USA. I have been playing chess since I was 12 and go for about 25 years but not very consistently. I am 14k in AGA, but I haven't played there in about 8 years.

Lazaro Munoz has currently 0 running correspondence chess game(s), won 5, lost 0 and drawn 1 other games against an average elo of 1714, does not play advanced chess (fast time controls), played big chess, now 0 running, 10 won, 2 lost, 0 drawn, played Go (weiqi, baduk), now 0 running, 25 won, 23 lost, and does not play poker, finally Lazaro finished a total of 66 games and is not playing any game right now.

Big chess statistics :

vs. Herda Ekawarni (1245) :   100%   (2 games, 2 wins, 0 losses)

Go (weiqi, baduk) statistics :

vs. Thibault Pillon (1645) :   0%   (2 games, 0 wins, 2 losses)
vs. Don Groves (2289) :   50%   (2 games, 1 wins, 1 losses)

Lazaro Munoz

Lazaro's favorite game is : Chess

Why Lazaro likes Chess : There is always more to learn

Style of play : Agressive

Is Lazaro addicted : Yes

Uses engines : only on ICCF tournaments

Favorite engines : Komodo 14

Other games played : Go

Favorite chess opening : King's Gambit

Favorite chess player : Akiba Rubinstein

Favorite Go player : Masaki Takemiya

Favorite poker player : Ken Smith (of course)

Favorite player at FICGS : Thibault de Vassal

Languages spoken : English, Spanish

City : Basking Ridge NJ

Club : Marshall CC (former will rejoin)

Mission : To make people laugh

Interests : Ham Radio

Occupation : Software Development

Favorite website :

Personal website :

Facebook profile : Lazaro Munoz

Favorite quote : "The important thing is not to stop questioning." and "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler."-- Albert Einstein

Favorite movie : The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Favorite music style : Alternative Rock

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