Number of rated FIDE players


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Thibault de Vassal    (2010-05-27)
Number of rated FIDE players

There would be 116,362 rated FIDE players all over the world within 143 federations (most important ones are Germany, Russia, Spain, France and India.. only 26 of them have more than 1000 rated players, e.g. only 398 rated players in China)

A Chessbase article that is worth to read!

Lazaro Munoz    (2010-06-03 19:23:41)
Number of rated FIDE players

FIDE has always had a bit of an elitist streak with rating, but also most national tournament administrator do not send in tournament reports from local events to them so that is another reason why do not the expected bell curve of ratings.

The traditional method for a lower rated player to get a FIDE rating was to play in major open event such as the World Open and hopefully play against a FIDE rated player. But since these events are broken in under-xxxx (by ratings) sections, most lower rated players never get a chance to play against a rated opponent unless they were brave enough to enter to top open section.

ICCF had a similar elitist attitude but that has changed in recent years; however at in countries that have a established national CC federation, you use to need to be a member of one to play; it use to be you needed to be invited by your national federation, but that part has changed and as long as you a member of national CC organization you can enter any ICCF that you qualify for (based on ratings).

BTW, ICCF has announced a Webserver open tournament that is free to anyone that does not currently have an ICCF rating. If you have one (ICCF rating) you can join via your national fed or at the ICCF site; I found that the ICCF site was more expensive than going through the national federation.