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L. Fric, 2273
M. Massimini Gerbino, 2297


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Jonathan Gresham    (2013-10-12)

I've been reading about Communism and have concluded that I agree with a lot of the points that the book brings up in favor of it. The working class would overthrow the middle or rich class and thus establishing a one class system. The only thing that would have to be sacrificed would be freedom of speech but when it comes down to it freedom of speech can be sacrificed justly. In exchange for that you would get free education, healthcare etc. Things would be communal being that you would work within communities and share the wealth. This kind of idea has been put forward before and has failed but I believe that with the right leader it is possible.

Peter W. Anderson    (2013-10-13 13:37:38)

And when the right leader dies or is plotted against?

The problem is that you are left with a structure that is horribly open to abuse and history has shown that the abuse happens, e.g. under Lenin is was about OK, under Stalin it was a nightmare.

The ideals behind communism are good and all the problems pointed out with capitalism in Das Kapital are fair and as valid today as when it was written. Its just that in practice communism hasn't worked and I doubt it ever will.

Nonethless, Das Kapital is an excellent read for anyone with an even vaguely open mind and does show that we need a diffrent direction than we have today in the west.

Jonathan Gresham    (2013-10-13 21:47:10)

I'll Google that. Thanks for the response. :)

Lazaro Munoz    (2013-10-14 15:41:37)

As to giving up freedom of speech, I pass you the words of Benjamin Franklin: "Those who would give up essential liberty [eg. freedom of speech] to purchase a little temporary safety [ medical care, educuation, social security...] deserve neither liberty nor security."

Jonathan Gresham    (2013-10-18 02:30:18)

In exchange for dictatorial power and personal freedom you would get a classless society, jobs and shelter provided by the government and goods shared among workers.

Bogoljub Teverovski    (2013-10-18 12:07:02)

As history of XX century tells us, the classless society in reality is just impossible. I was living in the communist country the most part of my life, and I know very well that society with its own classes. Go to North Korea or Cuba if you like communism.

Jonathan Gresham    (2013-10-19 01:20:35)

I cannot go to North Korea because it is difficult to get inside. However, I might move to China or Cuba when I get the chance. I should make it a thing to learn Chinese as well. :) Have a nice day!

Rodolfo d Ettorre    (2014-09-02 12:46:02)

Communism is nice, but it is against humane nature, we like to have what we do not have, especially unnecessary things





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