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Strlen() is a PHP function that returns the length of a string.

These websites & Youtube videos talk about strlen():


  1. The functionality described on this reference page is aligned with
  2. The Open Group Base Specifications Issue 6 IEEE Std
 Wouter . van . Oortmerssen's . web . pages

 FICGS recommends : strlen . - . Wikipedia, . the . free . encyclopedia

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to cope with over 50,000 concurrent downloads from a single host, we...
(there is a link at the bottom of that to more strlen...


is an array, the result is a long integer array with the same...

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 JavaScript strlen - PHP.JS

// Adapt this line at the top of any loop, passing in the whole...
// We can pass over low surrogates now as the second component in a...
// High surrogate (could change last hex to 0xDB7F to treat high...

 PHP . Manual . for . strlen . | . search . on . lixlpixel . PHP . snippets . for . strlen

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 MySQL :: The world's most popular open source database

 Larry . Osterman's . WebLog . : . Good . News! . strlen . isn

 Advogato: . Personal . info . for . strlen

 String length vs isset to check string length's - D-talk
blog.dynom > archives/String length vs isset to check string lengths 20070807 5

E-Mail addresses will not be displayed and will only be used for...
Connecting from PHP on a non Microsoft OS to MSSQL with a domain...
Enclosing asterisks marks text as bold (*word*), underscore are made...

 strlenPHP . ManualPrevNextstrlen . (PHP . 3, . PHP . 4, . PHP . 5)strlen . -- . Get . string . lengthDescriptionint . strlen . ( . string . string . ) . Returns . the...

 strlen . [C++ . Reference]

 Flickr: Galerie de strlen

Les Passes Invité vous permettent de partager vos photos qui ne sont...

 0003738: . strlen . and . substr . calls . should . by . $smcFunc['strlen'] . and . $smcFunc['substr']
dev.simplemachines > mantis/view.php?id=3738

! More fixes to use internationalized substr/strlen (more files)...
Since the changes to fix utf8 in smileys have broke things,...
and what about non-utf8 charsets that do multi-byte eg chinese...

 How . to . Use . the . Strlen . Command . in . C: . Computer . Training . | .

Other websites

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 PHP: strlen - Manual

This can be useful to put a preview of an article on the front page...
The easiest way to determine the character count of a UTF8 string is...
Beware: strlen() counts new line characters at the end of a string,...

 Thunderstone: . strlen . - . length . of . string

The number of characters returned may vary with...

 PHP . String . length . by . strlen . function
plus2net > php tutorial/php string length.php

does this work for us and returns number of characters inside the...
Separating domain and userid part from an email address using...

 Strlen (again) [image 260x500 pixels]

 strlen . - . String . - . functions-online
functions online

 strlen . - . String.h . - . C . Reference . with . Worked . Examples

 strlenPHP 手册后退前进strlen (PHP 3, PHP 4, PHP 5)strlen -- Get string lengthDescriptionint strlen ( string string ) Retur...

The easiest way to determine the character count of a UTF8 string is...
Just a general pointer that I have hit upon after some struggle:...


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