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This article on printf() will be written soon, feel free to participate to this collaborative project by submitting your news to the webmaster.

These websites & Youtube videos talk about printf():


 FICGS recommends : printf - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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() function shall return a string similar to the one at the beginning...
argument representing a NaN shall be converted in one of the styles...

 printf . [C++ . Reference]

will display a floating number at least 12 digits wide, with six...

 Chris Ball (cjb)

 Henrik . Bengtsson's . Java . printf, . sprintf, . fprintf . (scanf, . sscanf . and . fprintf)


followed by an integer indicating how many digits follow the...
The format is a character string which contains two types of...

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 printf -

 printf . MAN . Page

Character string char and all C format specifications...
ARGUMENT as a string with `' escapes interpreted...

 C . Programming/Procedures . and . functions/printf . - . Wikibooks, . collection . of . open-content . textbooks

 Text.Printfwindow.onload = function () {setSynopsis("mini_Text-Printf.html")};base- Basic librariesSource codeContentsIndexText.PrintfPortabil...

 Adobe . Reader . 'util.printf()' . JavaScript . Function . Stack . Buffer . Overflow . Vulnerability
securityfocus > bid/30035

 Cx51 . User's . Guide: . printf . Library . Routine

function formats a series of strings and numeric values and builds a...
field can cause truncation or rounding of the output value in the...
Prefixes a non-zero output value with 0, 0x, or 0X when used with o,...

 Mac OS X Manual Page For printf(3)

 Core . Security . Technologies
coresecurity > content/adobe reader buffer overflow

238AF946 MOV EAX,DWORD PTR SS:[EBP-28] 238AF949 MOV...
238F6F95 MOV EDX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+8] 238F6F99 LEA...

 HowStuffWorks . "How . C . Programming . Works"
computer.howstuffworks > c5.htm

Here is an explanation of the different lines in this...
Mark Summerfield - Advanced Qt Programming: Creating Great...
Here is another program that will help you learn more about...

 printf : Java Glossary

 A . cheat . sheet . (reference . page) . for . printf . format . specifiers . | .

example, that line of code doesn't print any output, while the first...
examples, using different methods that are available to you in the...

 Procyon . AVRlib: . printf() . Function . Library . (rprintf.c)

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 printfPHP 手册后退前进printf (PHP 3, PHP 4, PHP 5)printf -- Output a formatted stringDescriptionint printf ( string format [, mixed...

If anyone is looking for writing a quine using printf(), this is...
As far as I know, you should be able to simply include...
In response to chris dot breen at accurate dot com : This will...


home page and use the redirection links to assist...

 MOPB-38-2007:PHP . printf() . Family . 64 . Bit . Casting . Vulnerabilities
php security > MOPB/MOPB 38 2007

 printf and scanf examples for Microcontrollers - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog

This is what you get when lazy, fat arsed idiots let lead the field...
Einlesen und ausgeben von Variablen mit scanf | Jetzt lerne ich...


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