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markfisher    (2011-07-05)

Hi to every one this is Mark i just got my registration on this forum would like to make friends and share thoughts and ideas and hope to get these from all of you
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johncalvin    (2011-07-12 08:05:11)


I am a new member of this forum
My name is John Calvin,
I am From US.
Whats going on...?


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johnehodgkin    (2011-07-14 07:47:22)
12 years ago


"Nice to join this forum, I am John E. Hodgkin, MD
Medical Director of the Smoke-Free Life Program. I joined you just now and I am from California"


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aswann    (2011-09-20 17:16:52)
12 years ago

Hi all!
Great to see you all, I am newbie here and want to build some good relations through this forum.


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ntastle    (2011-10-04 22:31:20)
12 years ago

Hi my name is Astle, I like to join this community as a new member. I love social relations and introduce to new people to make them friends and gain some knowledge from them, that’s why I am here


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