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Contacts in the network :

  Maxime David
  David Gordh
  Laurine Ségur

Birthdate : 1973 04 13

Myspace (no) , Facebook (no)

* Mission :

Connecting people...

* Occupation :

Webmaster, film director, musician

* Interests :

Chess, Go, Poker, classical & electronic music...

* Favourite quote :

Victory belongs to who wants it more. (Bobby Fischer)

* Books, movies, music :

A clockwork orange, 2001 a space odyssey, Mulholland drive, Lost highway, Barry Lyndon, Apocalypse now, Irreversible, Le magnifique, Les tontons flingueurs, Tous les matins du monde, Out of Africa, Pulp fiction...

* Description :

Hello all, I'm the FICGS webmaster.

" Psi "   (2009-01-21)

... was my very first movie, a quite strange experiment, something like an ambient-thriller, gathering some of my ambient works as an electronic music producer (as "Psychose")

Featuring Julian Catzeflis, Eric Benyamine, Olivier Simon...

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A clockwork orange   (2009-01-06)

A clockwork orange | thibault

Here's a Christmas gift I've been offered by my girlfriend

In order of appearance, Gregory, Eric, Olivier & Andrea... bluffing !


Hello world !   (2010-02-03)

Hi all, this is my very first personal "blog", I don't like the idea so much but let's see how it will evolve

As you may know I'm also the FICGS webmaster, so feel free to contact me if you have any suggestion to improve this social network !

To start, here is my last movie's trailer, not a remake at all, not exactly a making of, surely a provocating joke !

Orange Mécanique (not a clockwork orange)

Featuring Julian Catzeflis, Eric Benyamine, Olivier Simon...

Featuring Olivier Simon, Oscar Sisto, Isabelle Lukacie, Steven-Marc Couchouron, Eric Benyamine, Andrea Ciorli, Eric Heinrich...

More extracts (french speaking) :



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 Thibault de Vassal   (2010-05-11)
… joined the group Poker texas holdem (Pôquer, Покер, 撲克, ポーカー, 포커)

 Thibault de Vassal   (2010-05-11)
… likes House M.D.

 Thibault de Vassal   (2010-02-03)
Hello world !

Mildred Warren   (2019-07-30)

Hello everyone, my name is Jacko Macka and I am working in a papermaking factory. I also wanna start blogging Is that easy or tough I don't know. I decide many topics like peper rater, sports cars, natural things and many more. But I don't know anything about writing or blogs, I need help.

Alice Hall   (2019-09-25)

infomrative thanks.

 Thibault de Vassal   (2009-09-23)
… is now fan of leonor daquitaine

 Thibault de Vassal   (2009-04-22)
… updated the album Holidays 2008

 Thibault de Vassal   (2009-04-02)
… is now fan of Laurine Ségur

 Thibault de Vassal   (2009-01-21)
" Psi "

 Thibault de Vassal   (2009-01-06)
A clockwork orange

Laurine Ségur   (2009-05-09)

Thanks to the girlfriend

Thibault de Vassal   (2011-02-22)
Good job ;)

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