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Sharon Green is a professional health expert by profdession. I work for various online health care organization in New York. I love to write articles on men health issues .


Some Common Sexual Health Problems Explained | sharongreen003

Common sex troubles That You Face.

Sex has been put on a pedestal so much in movies and magazines that we’d be pardoned for considering that we’re the only individuals on the globe who experience a few issues in the bed room. As the genuine globe of distressing sex, male impotence and premature ejaculation, sex is not always about sheet-grabbing satisfaction and perfectly-timed orgasms.

Following are some of the common sex problems explained
Sex problem I: Too tired

Sensation of too tired to do sex is one of the most common reasons for the lagging lovemaking session of partners across the world. The true fact is though, if you experience tired then a good sex session is probably what you need; the hormones endorphins you release when you are doing the action help to awaken you up and make you  to experience rejuvenated. The health expert says that release endorphins hormones because it improved your energy and sexual interest.

Sex problem II:  No time
After working all day, cleaning the house, cooking the tea and/or doing similar activities, it comes as no shock that we’re remaining feeling more scruffy than sexy and like there is short time remaining to even consider sex. Indeed, scientists from the Kinsey Institution in the United States performed a study of 853 females between the age groups of 20 and 65 and found that in present females has less sex than their 1950s alternatives. There happens to be good possibility that this is down to the increase in technology. Dr Bancroft, who performed the study, said that we now "live in an age where there is little useless spare time. Sex used to complete that gap." While you may think you have no here we are at sex, try cutting out time you spend on the computer or viewing TV and substitute that time with sex.

Sex problem III: Low libido
The reason behind this is your body is little down, every one of us experience low libido at some point in our lives. In men the reason for  low sex drive is a lack of testosterone and in women the reason for low sex drive is the transition into menopause. Thus in this case you have to ask your doctor in order to get rid from this and have a best treatment for this problem. It is found that lack of sex drive can also be a result of stress or anxiety and depression.  So try to relax and improve your condition.

Sex problem IV: Vaginal dryness
This is a one of the most common sexual problem experience by women. The root of this problem is lower levels of oestrogen that make you private regions dry and more fragile. So if vaginal dryness is the thing which makes your sexual session uncomfortable that you must use water bases lubricant and make sure that you are having plenty of foreplay. If that problem arises again then you should visit doctor for proper treatment.

Sex problem V: Premature ejaculation
It can cause you to experience fairly insufficient if you end up having your ‘big moment’ before your partner, or sometimes before you have even began having sex. Maybe you are having sex with a new partner and you feel nervous? Perhaps you have not had a climax in a while so you are sensation extremely sensitive? Whatever the purpose, there are a lot of techniques you could use to avoid it. From condoms that create the male organ less sensitive, to certain recommended antidepressant medication, there will be something out there appropriate for you so it’s worth discussing to your physician. You physician will definitely  give you a proper solution for Premature ejaculation treatment.

Sex problem Vl: Erectile dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction – or impotence is cause because of various factors like stress, smoking, alcohol, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and many more. Nowadays these problems so very common in men and so the various treatment and therapy like  vacuum pumps , injections, surgeries and generic medication such as Generic Viagra, Kamagra, Zenegra, Penegra and many more are available in market that helps to treat this problems.

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 Sharon Green   (2015-06-03)
Some Common Sexual Health Problems Explained

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