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It is a well-known proverb, “there’s a will, there is a way”. It motivate us about we can define ways to success. I am a great believer that we can define ways by work hard and can get success. My life experiences show that how this proverb works in our actual life. During my studies, many financial crises were disturbed my studies. I decided to work hard and did many part time jobs. I was just passionate to get a high position in my life.

I started my career as web designer and designed a large number of sites for clients. After few years, I decided to develop my own website. I was very good in painting and designing since childhood so, I decided to manufacture lamps and sell them out on internet via my official website. Now, my website and my business both are running in superb manner and I am the CEO of Pure Lamps. Beginners can get inspiration from my struggle in life as well.

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 Melva Sama   (2015-12-22)
Do you believe “there’s a will, there is a way”?

 Melva Sama   (2015-12-22)
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