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Indian Rove is a premier travel company offering fabulous travels solutions to those who are looking to explore the myriad aspects of India. After extensive research, we have come up with fabulous range of travel products showcasing quintessential India taking care of services like customized tour packages, air-tickets, hotel bookings and car rentals. Our professionals are always on their toes to ensure our clients enjoy their travel experience with leisure and hassle-free.

Travel to India   (2011-06-16)

Travel to India | indianrove

India is blessed with wide variety of tourist destinations. The tourists can take various India tours to explore the destinations of their choice.  Once you decide on the destinations you would like to visit, you can get an itinerary covering the destinations of your choice.
As you know, India is a country of vast dimensions. There is something to explore for all kinds of tourists. The variety it offers is mind-boggling. The tourists would be mesmerized by diversity of traditions, customs, cultures, religions, topography, languages, arts, etc. To put it simply, you can visit gigantic Himalayan ranges in the northernmost region of India.  There are numerous beautiful valleys and plateaus in these parts like Kashmir valley, Leh and various scenic locations of Himachal Pradesh like Kullu, Manali, etc. North India is home to multitude of historical attractions like Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Rashtrapati Bhawan etc at Delhi, national capital of India.

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Palace on wheels   (2011-06-16)

Palace on wheels | indianrove

Palace on Wheels is one of the most popular luxury trains running in India. It presents a great chance to travelers from across the globe to explore the fabulous destination Rajasthan and Agra sitting in the lap of exquisite luxury of the train. It is a well-known fact that Indian royalty was too fond of luxury trains. The princes of various princely states got their trains customized in England with exquisite comforts and luxuries.

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 Bhavna Arora   (2011-06-16)
Travel to India

 Bhavna Arora   (2011-06-16)
Palace on wheels

 Bhavna Arora   (2011-06-16)
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