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It is a well-known proverb, “slow and steady wins the race”. This proverb gives us the lesson to make effort in every field of life steadily. We should not surrender if we fail. Failure does not mean that we have to surrender it means that we have to create more effort and struggle to gain success in the field that we need. I started my career as a search engine optimizer. In the beginning, I could not handle the situations and could not get well ranks for websites. Then I started struggling in my field and used mature and unique content for search engine optimization.

It was a difficult task for me but I struggled harder and harder. I took tips via online and other means for best SEO results. I used the keywords that are more suitable according to client sites. Then the ranking of sites became high and higher. I became successful in opening an online SEO company named H3adrush for the promotion of sites. It is a great achievement of my life. So, I also recommend beginners to do not lose heart on beginning failures and work hard on regular basis.

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 Anisha Jenista   (2015-12-19)
Why should we steady to win the race?

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