Who is the best Starcraft player?

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*sicula    (2010-05-29)
Who is the best Starcraft player?

Hello everyone, does anyone know who is the best Starcraft player in the whole world or the player who won most tournaments?

I am fascinated by this game, there are many professional players and so much prize money in the championships. Do you know where I can find the list of the winners of the greatest tournaments so far?

Thank you for your answers.

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*nataja    (2010-06-25 11:57:53)
Who is the best Starcraft player?

Lee Jae Dong and lee Young Ho are the best at the moment. In terms of titles and influence its Lim Yo Hwan and Lee Yun Yeol.

*tedalo    (2010-07-14 14:04:03)
13 years ago

there is also Stork also a korean player

*rimatu    (2010-12-28 06:35:54)
13 years ago

the best player is FLASH (Lee young ho)... lim yo hwan and lee yun yeol WERE good... but their old school tactics don't seem to win them anything these days.

*cexumu    (2010-12-31 04:40:55)
13 years ago

Actually iloveoov is also really influential. Also, Lee Yun Yeol/Lim Yo Hwan are more entertaining to watch than Young Ho/JaeDong.

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