What means Poke on Facebook?

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*carlos    (2009-02-10)

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What means Poke on Facebook?

A current question from now on, which does mean the Poke term or Poker quelqu 'one on Facebook?

On Facebook, famous “the poke” would have become a kind of sport that everyone practises, as an ambiguous accodance of which nobody knows the real significance. Then does S 'act D 'a small covering joint D?? it or that does it have a sexual connotation rather?

2 supposed significances of Poke de Facebook:

? T? have the poke = friendly Tape on L? shoulders

You undoubtedly already received Wizz on MSN not? Eh well here is, the person wants certainly to make a cuckoo and to remember to your good memory without inevitably beginning a discussion with N 'moreover to finish. Good C 'is clearly a trick the lazy ones or people who N 'have anything to say but C 'is like that and sometimes that is better. Good obviously can that be funny one moment, but them I you poke you me pokes I you repoke that becomes quickly wearying and without interest and one S? in fate quickly more, to thus use with moderation.

? = Flirt If

the person well isn't known opposite, that to say eh cuckoo you I can clearly want like Poke enough, if one made a little more knowledge?  There C 'is immediately clearer, the person with the firm intention D 'to engage the conversation and more if affinities. Thus the poke can be clearly an invitation with the dredger without to say the things, which can lend to confusion in condition D 'of putting at it a little insincerely.

? With the final one if a person poke, is to you you deal with tear of the lol mdr which S 'annoys on the Net, that you can zapper if you are a small notch with the top and that should be done without sorrow, that is to say you have one or an admiror which makes you sign qu clearly 'it would be necessary to think of papoter in a way a little even more supported close friend, and quickly.

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