Twilight chapter 3

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*twilight3    (2009-12-20)

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Twilight chapter 3

Hello, I believe that I am among the last not to have seen the film Twilight chapter 1, I know that the continuation is already with the cinema but I would like to know when the final chapter will leave to the cinema not to have to wait to see the end after having seen the first two episodes. You know if turning already started or if a date were already announced?

The stories of vampire always have success since “Discussion with a vampire ”, I would not be even astonished to see another trilogy especially if “Twilight chapter three ” is as successful as the two first, if that has as many commercial success.

Thank you!

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โพล้เพล้ Home สารบาญ Chapter 3    (th)
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暮色第3章    (zh)

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