To resist a narcissistic pervert

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*goujbi    (2010-03-03)

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To resist a narcissistic pervert

Hello, I have worked for a few weeks in a supermarket and I believe that my new owner is a narcissistic pervert who obviously likes to humiliate his employees by dredging them with hands with the buttocks and while shouting on them as soon as something does not go. Everyone is keep silent in front of him, nobody answers and according to a colleague that has worsened for a few months.

I would like to keep my work, but I you would like to also find a means to resist this imbecile. Which councils you can give me to answer him without taking the risk to make me transfer?

You believe that I should immediately speak about this case to an association for the victims of narcissistic perversion or it would be useless?  Which laws deal with this subject in the penal code?

Thank you.

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أن يقاوم [برفرت] [نرسسّيستيك]    (ar)
Да се противопостави на narcissistic р    (bg)
Aby vydržely a narcissistic neprávě    (cs)
Til at modstå en narcissistic sådan    (da)
Einem entarteten Narzissmus standhalten    (de)
Να αντισταθείτε σε έναν διεστραμ    (el)
To resist a narcissistic pervert    (en)
Resistir a un perverso narcisista    (es)
منحرف‌ بگذرانيم به مقاومت در برا    (fa)
On vastustaa näiden narcissistic    (fi)
Ya yi hamayya da narcissistic karkatar    (ha)
להתנגד א רקיסיסטי עוו    (he)
एक आत्ममोही स्वधर्मत्    (hi)
ELLENÁLLNI a narcissistic hitehagyott    (hu)
Resistere ad un narcisista perverso    (it)
自己陶酔的な変質者に抵抗するため    (ja)
자기애 배교자를 저항하기 위하여    (ko)
Zich tegen een perverse narcist verzetten    (nl)
Å motstå en narcissistic bøie    (no)
Aby pozbyć się narcissistic spraw    (pl)
Opôr-se a um perverso narcisista    (pt)
sa reziste un Paste romanesti    (ro)
Сопротивлять narcissistic pervert    (ru)
da se odupre se pokreta Razvratnik    (sr)
Att motstå en narcissistic pervert    (sv)
ที่จะต่อต้านเป็นหลงใ    (th)
Karşı narcissistic bir sapığın    (tr)
متعرض‌ہونا کو ایک narcissistic الٹنا    (ur)
抵抗一位自恋的堕落者    (zh)

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