Surf huge waves (slow motion)

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Surf huge waves (slow motion)

Just beautiful...

Source : Youtube


Surfer des vagues géantes, ce doit être quelque chose, mais voir les meilleurs surfers du monde sur ces vagues énormes en slow motion, c'est tout simplement magnifique !

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 HD super slow motion video of big wave surfer Dylan Longbottom in a 12 foot monster barrel // Current
current > items/90027688 hd super slow motion video of big wave
  1. Cognitive Infiltration: Does it happen here , on current
  2. The clip is an extract from a six-part series called South
 Big Wave Surfing (High Definition - Slow-Motion)
flixxy > big wave

 How do I get over my fears of surfing a HUGE wave? - Yahoo! Answers > question/index?qid=20081004182748AAIHVsL

Whenever I surf, Ive been surfing latley alot for 4 months, but...
How long would it take an average person to surf well...

 Barrel Super Slow - SURF2SURF Video
surf2surf > video.php?id=156

Damon pulled some classic achive footage of one NZ's great surfers -...
Surfer is Australia's Dylan Longbottom surfing off-the-scale...

 eXtreme Bulgaria - Big Slow Motion Wave with a surfer.
extremebulgaria > component/option,com seyret/Itemid,107/task,videodirectlink/id

 Video: Wave features never before captured on camera

Clearly visible are long underwater vortices created by the moving...
The kit required a special housing unit designed and built by German...

 Super Tech News - New BBC "South Pacific" series includes first super slow motion surfing shots
supertechnews > Home Video/new bbc south pacific series includes first super slo

Beneficial web site you guys have right here I just spent at least an...
Good website you guys have the following I just spent at least an... -- Surfing Titan: Huge Waves Possible on Saturn's Moon
space > scienceastronomy/RAS titan seas 040331

Orion SkyQuest XT6 Classic with Free Bonus Accessory...
Find everything from weird science to cool gadgets!...

 Big Slow Motion Wave with a Surfer. - Video
metacafe > watch/yt 8fP7hbUnvkY/big slow motion wave with a

 Inner Tubes In Radical Slow Mo | News | Surfers path
surferspath > news/inner tubes in radical slow mo

extreme70mmfilm > nr bigwednesday

Press Release For immediate release...
On January 28, 1998, a Wednesday deep in the heart...

 HDTV UK: New BBC "South Pacific" series includes first super slow motion surfing shots
hdtvuk > 2009/05/new bbc south p

Harman Kardon's first Blu-ray player finally on way to European...
10 of the best iPhone/iPod speaker docks in town, HTC Sense web...

 MilkandCookies - Super Slow Motion Surfer: South Pacific
milkandcookies > link/159482/detail

 Incredible slow motion footage of expert surfer Dylan Longbottom in South Pacific -
mirror > news/top stories/2009/05/07/incredible slow motion footage of expert

container object 115875:21096648 (m4_home_topic_header)...
container object 115875:21096648 (m4_site_topic_footer)... news - Monster wave gives up its secrets
deepfried > news/default.cfm

TWC 2010 is ready to rock, with an awesome Carbon Art waveboard lined...
Open Ocean Media is happy to announce you the confirmation of the 2nd...

 Slow-motion HD video of surfer in 12-foot barrel wave |
doobybrain > 2009/05/07/slow motion hd video of

Slow-motion HD video of surfer in 12-foot barrel...
White girl imitates a dominican girl recounting a night...

 Big Wave Videos Blogs
bigwavevideos > blogs.php

 Slow motion Surf Video by jimbox -- Revver Online Video Sharing Network
revver > video/244107/slow motion

 Slow Motion — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress
en.wordpress > tag/slow motion

What do popcorn, mosquitoes and firecrackers have in...
Little Red (@littleredband) have released another single from their...
Apricale, Italy (Liguria), August 2010 where the cats live happily...

 Surfing the big wave
digg > odd stuff

 Daily Surf Story Time
dailysurf > storytime.htm

There are two accounts of what happened next, the first involves...
Paddle in surfing in big waves, where the surfer catches the wave... - Surfing in Super Slow Motion
dumpbase > Videos/videodirectlink/333

 Gizmodo - $100,000 Camera Captures Slow Mo Surfing, From Underwater - TyphoonHD4
gizmodo > 5244114/100000 camera captures slow mo

// ganja dynamic content (?) var ganjaDynamicContent =...
If you wish to remain anonymous, create your own username by signing...

 Big Wave Surfing on Travel Channel > travel/Big%20Wave%20

 Super slow motion video of big wave surfer Dylan Longbottom in a 12 foot monster barrel - - Twitoaster
twitoaster > jay neff/super slow motion video of big wave

 Super Slow Motion Surfing : Comedy : Canoe TV > video/comedy/comedy/1906868833/super slow motion

Super slow motion video of big wave surfer Dylan Longbottom in a 12... posts about 'surfing' (
kottke > tag

 Northshore Surfer Girls editorial on Big Wave Riding
usgirlshawaii > Lane/journalist/northshoregirlsaccts

(edited version in Surf Life for Women Magazine) (all...

 SURFER'S PARADISE? - Free Online Library

Of, relating to, or characteristic of ships, shipping, sailors, or...
home to some of Earth's wildest waves--and now the world's most...

 RSSmeme | Stories Tagged Slow motion surfing
rssmeme > tag/slow motion

 Kitesurfing Indonesia Waves - - Truveo Video Search
truveo > Kite

 » Video: $100,000 Camera Captures Slow Motion Surfing, From Underwater | Surf Travel, Surf Reports, Ocean Conservation, Marine Life, Surfing Wo...
surfspots gps > ?p=3274

 More on the BBC Wave Series | The Surf Blog Spot
surfblogspot > index.php/2009/05/08/more on the bbc wave series

It required a special housing unit designed and built by...
German specialist high speed cameraman/technician Rudi...

 Kiteworld Mag - Stunning Super Slow Mo Monster Barrel Wave from BBC
kiteworldmag > news/stunning super slow mo monster barrel wave from bbc

 Huge Surf
guzer > videos/huge


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