Senet, an old board game

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Senet, an old board game

Senet - One of the oldest board games in the world

While board games are still a great past time habit among many, it's nothing new. Board games have been played for centuries, and are known for their ability to keep players engaged for hours.

The thing about board games is that it is much more than just luck here. You play a game of strategy and skill, and one where you need to calculate your every move. Sure, there is an element of luck involved here too - a reason many of the board games in the centuries back were also gambling games. However, some of the board games were a lot more than a past time - just like Senet.

Senet - The Board Game

Senet is an archaic board game that first originated in old Egypt. It is, by far, the oldest board game that is known and the original rules that guide this game are a subject of conjecture. This ancient Egyptian board game has an interesting piece of history attached to it.

The very first existence of this game originated in the form of a painting in the tomb of Rashepes and other tombs like the tomb of Merknera and the third dynasty tomb of Hesy. These paintings are essentially hieroglyphs of images resembling a Senet board that appear on these ancient tombs and give evidence to the origin of this unusual board game.

In addition to Egypt, Senet was also played in neighboring cultures where it reached through trade relations between the Egyptians and the local people. At that time, it was a local practice to make games out of stones and Senet was one such board game.

How to Play the Senet Board Game? 
This unusual board game consists of a grid of 30 squares. These squares are arranged in three rows of ten. A Senet board includes two set of pawns, no less than five of each. As stated above, the rules & norms of the original Senet game are a subject of conjecture, and no one really knows the solid rules of this gameplay.

However, there have been many versions of the rules set by historians R.C. Bell and Timothy Kendall that have repeatedly modified throughout the years. Ergo, it is highly unlikely that these sets of rules established by the two historians are the actual norms of the ancient Egyptian gameplay. However, these rules have been adopted by the Senet sets that we see today, even though they have several dissimilarities and variations to the original version.

More Facts on the Board Game of Senet
The original Egyptian name of Senet means the “game of passing” if we translate it literally into English. Today, you can even play the Senet game online against an opponent chosen by the computer or buy it from several different e-commerce online stores like Amazon. As stated above, the game has various versions that you can choose from.

What is indisputable is the fact that this board game that dates back to 3100 BC is a rare piece of history that is still played today by people all around the world! Have you tried it out yet?


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