Please review FICGS

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Please review FICGS

Anyone to review FICGS chess & Go server ? :)


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 correspondence chess database?
rybkaforum > cgi bin/rybkaforum/topic

 All GO Servers | GameofGo.NET
gameofgo > all go servers

IGS is the grandfather of internet go, starting in 1992, it is still...
not sure this is active, web page has a 1999 copyright, looks pretty...

 Game Analysis [Archive] - Go Discussions
godiscussions > forum/archive/index.php/f 17

 CHESS TOOLBOX: 30+ Online Chess Resources
mashable > 2007/09/24/chess toolbox

Qualifications MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS- 3-6 years of experience that...
t has been demonstrated experimentally that a silver superlens allows...

 s:o="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" xmlns:x="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:excel" xmlns=""> ...
geocities > SiliconValley/Lab/7378/fischer references.htm

 Feedback on ads please.
search.code head > F Feedback on ads

 Limited offer from FICGS Coop ad network : Text link ads for FREE !
forums.digitalpoint > showthread.php?t=895441

[Limited Offer] Advertise your Webhosting Company : Text link...
Limited offer from FICGS Coop ad network : Text link ads for FREE...

 The California Chess Reporter
chessdryad > articles/ccr/art 17.htm <b>...</b></a></h3>

 Free Internet Chess Server (FICS)
freechess > Links/misc

The best Links about Internet- and Computerchess in the...
Concrete Classics Outdoor Concrete Chess and Backgammon...
A review of Chess Interfaces available for linux... - Review: "How life imitates chess" by Garry Kasparov
squirrelchess > cms/reviews/book reviews/review how life imitates chess by garry

Thanks for the review! In fact, I'm going to see Garry Kasparov...
Hi Sciurus, it sounds like somehow your library got a copy of the...
How Life Imitates Chess: Making the Right Moves, from the Board to...

 Knight Keystor: PCT 2007 Mini-Review (Updated)
keystor.blogspot > 2007/04/pct 2007 mini review

-- After finishing Module 1, I can add that (perhaps best of all) it...
I was going to wait until I had completed Tactics Modules 1-3 before...

hoeppenstein > chess/chesstutor/chess - Go Links
go4go > v2/modules/mylinks/viewcat.php?cid=1

On the KGS Go Server you can play go (known as wei-chi in Chinese and...
A Korean server with a playful interface featuring animated avatars,...

 gaming - news | RSS MAD
rssmad > gaming/news 1

 Chessville - Links - Comprehensive - Playing Sites, Online Leagues, & CC
chessville > links/links comp playing.htm

Single insert: $35 x4 insert: @ $25...
ffers email based correspondence chess games and tournaments...

 STRATEGY GAME LINKS: Backgammon, Chess, Checkers, Chebache & More!
chebache > links

 New Segment - Get Certified - 7-21-08 -
geekazine > 5minpod/new segment get certified 7 21 08

NoiseVision: How Ford lets Good Sounds In, Keeps Bad Sound Out...
Willkommen zum Aussenseiter azine (Geekazine) is a weekly Podcast,...

chessvibes > index.php?s=chesscafe

The ChessCafe Puzzle Book 3: Test and Improve Your Defensive...
Brilliant tactical fights and sharp theoretical...

 The Streatham & Brixton Chess Blog: Book Review: Chess on the Edge, Volume 1: 100 Selected Games of Canadian Grandmaster Duncan Suttles
streathambrixtonchess.blogspot > 2008/06/book review chess on edge volume 1 100

 Chess Online - Chess Origins
plat89 > chess online/content/view/17/1

 Chess Tournament and Match History
www3.sympatico > g.giffen/chess

 Sensei's Library: Starting Points/ Discussion
senseis.xmp > ?StartingPoints%2FDiscussion

 AGA Links
australiango.asn > Links.php

Go Sensations - game records and news of very strong players on...
(the home page of one of the best Go servers, it has a Learn to Play... web stats from
statbrain >

 Uncategorized | Adobe Flash Lite
adobe flashlite > ?cat=1

Flash Tutorial: How to Build BlackBerry PlayBook Apps with Flash...
Flash Tutorial: How to Use the Swipe Gesture in Flash Mobile...

 Game of the day - random arcade flash game pictures.
gameoftheday > random arcade pictures.php

 Internet Go | British Go Association
britgo > gopcres/play

This page describes the common ways in which you can use a computer...

 Chess Tactics Server - Chess Chat - Australia's Premier Chess Forum
chesschat > showthread.php?t=4633&page=2

from there, you can link to MANY members as they discuss their...
) But that is how I use CTS, try and do 20 or so problems in a...
Being on dialup, I can't even dream of getting the rating up to...

 Воспоминания и размышления. В 3-х т. Т. 3 (Жуков Г.К.)
historic > books/item/f00/s00/z0000071/st008.shtml

При копировании материалов проекта...
Цифровые библиотеки и аудиокниги на...

 Payment received from Bidvertiser » T
tjantunen > 2007/08/26/payment received from bidvertiser


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