Places to play online chess

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*zisapo    (2012-01-10)
Places to play online chess

Hi, where do you play chess online?  I play at & Gameknot, what about you?

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*taruna    (2012-01-13 01:07:07)
Places to play online chess

I play chess at ICCF and Chesshere, that's a good server.

*baxipa    (2012-01-20 23:55:34)
12 years ago

There are so many chess servers on the world wide web. As far as I know Gameknot & are the most famous ones and FICGS is for the centaur players, those who use chess engines like Rybka, Houdini, Stockfish or Shredder. There are many ICCF international masters who play here.


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